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Updates from 2013:

December 2013

December 23, 2013  A news story from about a year ago: “Son” who stole life–savings from grandmother who raised him is sentenced to 18 months.

We make mention of the fact that Beauchamps Solicitors is still in violation of Section 68 of the Solicitors (Amendment) Act, 1994.

December 23, 2013  Minor updates and improvements to the Open Letter to Beauchamps Partners, 16 December 2013 published on 18 December, and after three years and at least three requests, Beauchamps Solicitors remains in violation of Section 68 of the Solicitors (Amendment) Act, 1994.


December 23, 2013  A disheartening report of Elder Abuse  

December 18, 2013  Athough unhappy legal clients are expected to flood the new regulator's office that may be set up, we predict it will be business as usual.

Caving in to intense pressure from the Law Society and others, Justice Minister (and solicitor) Alan Shatter has taken off the table the notion that solicitors should maybe not regulate themselves. We see the recent frenzy of activity by the Law Society as a PR stunt in their campaign to make sure little problems with solicitors remain “in the family.” We hope we are mistaken.

December 18, 2013  The Law Society's compensation fund has paid out €4.7m to some clients of yet another Irish solicitor who pulled the the all too common fleece and flee. Recently arrested in Brazil, solicitor Michael Lynn was a solicitor with over 150 bank accounts. Charming.

Disclaimer: Lynn's solicitor says he is innocent and that the €80m wasn't a theft; it was loans.

Meanwhile, the new EU Directive will hopefully make it harder for the Irish criminals who merely pull a runner within the EU.

December 18, 2013   Joe Bowe of Beauchamps Solicitors issues more buffoonery and lies. We call out the nonsense and see Saoirse's response in the Open Letter to Beauchamps Partners, 16 December 2013.

Keep 'em coming, Joe.

December 13, 2013  Another day, another solicitor accused of stealing from his clients. It's in Ireland, of course.


December 13, 2013   Added another audio clip to the Unfortunate Letter; concerning Bowe's view of his client and co-executor Ethan Maxwell and the administration of Dolores' estate.

December 11, 2013   We note that Beauchamps Solicitors is still in non–compliance (defiance?) of Section 68 of the Solicitors (Amendment) Act, 1994, over three years after Dolores died, despite repeated requests. WTF!?

December 11, 2013  Saoirse received an Unfortunate Letter from Joe Bowe of Beauchamps Solicitors on 26 November.

December 11, 2013   John Cunningham's email box is now saying that he still works for Beauchamps Solicitors, but some or all of his files are now handled by other solicitors. Requests by Dolores' beneficiaries for information about solicitor/executor Cunningham have been met with silence. Curious.

November 2013

MissingNovember 26, 2013  John Cunningham, formerly of Beauchamps Solicitors, a solicitor/executor of Dolores' estate, has left her beneficiaries yet another reason to be concerned about the administration of Dolores' legacy. Cunningham, who worked for Beauchamps for over thirty years, recently departed from Beauchamps without informing the beneficiaries of either his whereabouts or his contact details. Although Cunningham's box was accepting emails on Friday, 22 November, emails to Cunningham are now auto–returned with the response: “I no longer work in Beauchamps.”

That now makes two out of three executors (Cunningham and Ethan Maxwell) who cannot be contacted. It is now over two and a half years after the grant of probate.

The third executor, solicitor Joe Bowe of Beauchamps, has a long history of ignoring the beneficiaries. The Private Clients section of Beauchamps describes its service this way:

“At Beauchamps, we simplify matters by minimising any inconvience, delay and general concern you may experience…”

November 12, 2013  A letter from solicitor/executor Joe Bowe of Beauchamps Solicitors and Saoirse's response. Click here.

November 12, 2013  Essay marking the three year anniversary of Dolores' death.
Three Years On

November 12, 2013  We have talked about Ireland's Freedom of Information law before. Born feeble and ill in 1997, crippled in 2003, it now seems it will be effectively euthanised by “last minute” amendments.

Excellent coverage from reporter Gavin Sheridan of The Story:
Killing Freedom of Information in Ireland
Why amendment to charge for multi-part FOI requests was not last minute
Department of Public Expenditure & Reform plays fast and loose with the facts on FOI
Minister Howlin’s crazy briefing note on fees
National and International NGOs oppose Ireland's FOI fees

Ireland's FOI law was enacted 231 years after a radical new Swedish government, convinced that only transparency could deal with the corruption that was looting the Swedish state and society, passed the Freedom of Information Act.

Highlights of Sweden's FOI:
  • All documents within the public sector are in the public domain—people can actually check and hold the people in power accountable for their actions
  • You don’t have to tell why you want to see a document and you don't even have to give a name
  • You can read official letters before they arrive in politicians' intrays

Yeah, kinda hard for a government to hide corruption in that scenario.

Sweden ratified its first Constitution in 1719. Ireland ratified its first Constitution in 1922.
Sweden has a population of 9.5 million Ireland has a population of 4.7 million
Google.com search "government scandals sweden"
6.01 million results
Google.com search "government scandals ireland"
21.7 million results

Ireland, FFS, the light is your friend. Seriously, go to the light.

November 10, 2013  We are pleased to report that Dolores' case has been assigned a PULSE number by the Gardai. The PULSE (Police Using Leading Systems Effectively) system is basically a database. The system came online in 1999. The Crime Victims Helpline describes the PULSE number as “the computer generated number allocated to the crime/incident in the Garda computer system. This number enables Gardaí to access information on the current status of the case and the progress of the investigation.”

It becomes especially handy when crimes have occurred in a number of different Garda jurisdictions; if an investigation involves crimes committed in, for example, Bray, Rosslare, Finglas, Blackrock, The Docklands, Wexford, Walkinstown, and so on, they are all put under the same file and this is then accessible to the Gardai throughout Ireland.

We will publish the PULSE number when appropriate.

The Gardai have been apprised of the recent information referenced in the October 30 update. Sadly and predictably, information has also recently come to light of an individual who is being subjected to Ethan's abusive tactics at the present time. This information has also been forwarded to the Gardai.

October 2013

October 30, 2013  We have been informed that the Gardai's decision whether or not to investigate the death of Dolores Maxwell is still ongoing. We have also been informed that recent, pertinent information has come to light and will be forwarded to the Gardai. We expect this information to add further impetus to a positive decision by the Gardai. We hope to publish this information, or some form of it, in a week or two.

October 30, 2013  Saoirse Maxwell was recently interviewed about Dolores' death and other issues. You can hear the interview at the following link:



September 2013  

September 13, 2013   Further to our last update, which addressed the tiresome mantra of Beauchamps' Private Client solicitor Joseph Bowe (which we sometimes refer to as
The Beneficiaries of Dolores' Estate Are Not Clients Chant.”):

In addition to the High Court and Law Society contradicting Mr Bowe's increasingly tedious incantation, we've been informed that The Solicitors Accounts Regulations, 2001 is also incompatible with Mr Bowe's oft–stated view:

“client” includes the personal representative of a client and any person on whose behalf the person who gave or is giving instructions was or is acting in relation to any matter in which a solicitor or his or her firm had been or is instructed; and includes a beneficiary to an estate under a will, intestacy or trust; and also includes any person on whose account a solicitor receives, holds, controls or pays clients' moneys in the course of and arising from his practice as a solicitor;

We also note that Beauchamps Solicitors stands in violation of the Solicitors (Amendment) Act, 1994, Section 68 which states:

68.–(1) On the taking of instructions to provide legal services to a client, or as soon as is practicable thereafter, a solicitor shall provide the client with particulars in writing of–

(a) the actual charges, or

(b) where the provision of particulars of the actual charges is not in the circumstances possible or practicable, an estimate (as near as may be) of the charges, or

(c) where the provision of particulars of the actual charges or an estimate of such charges is not in the circumstances possible or practicable, the basis on which the charges are to be made,

by that solicitor or his firm for the provision of such legal services and, where those legal services involve contentious business, with particulars in writing of the circumstances in which the client may be required to pay costs to any other party or parties and the circumstances, if any, in which the client's liability to meet the charges which will be made by the solicitor of that client for those services will not be fully discharged by the amount, if any, of the costs recovered in the contentious business from any other party or parties (or any insurers of such party or parties).

That this obligation applies to solicitor/executors such as Mr Bowe was made crystal clear by High Court Judge Nicolas Kearns in his 2010 Condon–v–Law Society decision.

Mr Bowe has in fact not provided any written estimate of the charges or basis of charges for administering Dolores' estate. Nor has anyone else from Beauchamps.

Mr Bowe did give Saoirse a verbal guideline (during a recorded meeting in the boardroom of Beauchamps), which would place the cost of Beauchamps “professional services” somewhere in the neighbourhood of €5500 to €6000.

And no, we have not forgotten the tens of thousands of Euros of Dolores' estate that so far have missed being accounted for.

Nor have we forgotton the five years of Dolores' phone records that Saoirse was able to get released from the phone company which Mr Bowe refuses to let the beneficiaries have sight of. Instead Mr Bowe makes spurious statements that the “phone records may be deemed to be assets of Dolores' estate” !!! But Mr Bowe, assets of an estate are supposed to be given to the beneficiaries. Um, that's the point of the whole thing.

Mr Bowe's refusal to release these records (days after his recorded statements that he would have no problem with any beneficiary seeking those records or giving them authority through the executors to do so) necessarily leads to speculation that the phone records add even more support to Saoirse's contention that Mr Bowe was accepting and acting on instructions from his client Ethan Maxwell concerning the affairs of his client Dolores Maxwell, to her great detriment.

It wouldn't be the first time Mr Bowe took and acted on instructions this way, which led to his recent chastisement by the Supreme Court.

It's all just so very curious. Stay tuned.

September 10, 2013   Sigh… We have been given sight of a recent letter to Dolores' beneficiaries authored by Joseph Bowe of Beauchamps Solicitors. Although we take issue with many of the items in this correspondence, we feel compelled as a matter of public interest to comment on one particular statement from Mr Bowe's letter of 20 August 2013:

“…we do not act for you in your capacity as beneficiaries in the estate.”

We once again (this is where the sigh comes into it) take time away from working on other aspects of this site (work which currently entails publication of the Alternate Views page) and deal with this mantra that has been expressed so many times by Mr Bowe.

Mr Bowe, along with his colleague John Cunningham, are solicitor/executors of Dolores' will. The third executor certainly has a history of posing as a solicitor, but is not. That would be Ethan Maxwell, Dolores' youngest son.

Because Mr Bowe and Mr Cunningham are solicitor/executors, Mr Bowe's assertion that he and Mr Cunningham do not act for the beneficiaries is just plain silly. It is also in opposition to both the High Court and the Law Society of Ireland.

In 2010 (prior to Dolores' death) Judge Nicolas Kearns made this clear in his Condon–v–Law Society decision. A short excerpt:

The logic of defining beneficiaries as clients is that, for the purposes of the 1994 Act, the solicitor must be treated as though he were taking instructions from them.

The definition of ‘client’ in s.2 of the Act of 1994 not only addresses the usual position of a person who by giving instructions to a solicitor becomes a ‘client’, but, much more significantly, extends the definition to include a beneficiary to an estate under a will, intestacy or trust.

The Law Society's Code of Conduct (see page 26, Section 2.2) says this:

A solicitor should also take into account that in certain circumstances the courts have held as a matter of law that a duty of care is owed, not just to a solicitor's own client, but to a third party, such as an intended beneficiary of a will.

The Law Society wrote it up in their magazine The Gazette of July 2010.

This assertion by Mr Bowe was also dealt with in Saoirse's Further Affidavit to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

And in the Open Letter to John White Part 3.

We think anyone considering appointing a solicitor to administer their will would do well to ascertain the views of the solicitor and firm regarding the firm's perceived responsibility to the beneficiaries of their estate. As Judge Kearns remarked in his decision, the beneficiaries “are the persons for whose benefit the professional services are provided.


September 05, 2013  Dealing with sexual predators, a A Tale of Two Cities:

Shiner, Texas  Dublin, Ireland

No surprises here.

September 02, 2013  We present a three step proposal to streamline the justice process in Ireland. It does away with messy and extraneous things like the Gardai, juries, and judges.

Imagine someone is accused of a crime spree lasting some number of years involving various violent acts, insurance fraud, theft, forgery, etc. Now let us present our "Three Steps To Justice" program:

1. Choose a specific timeframe that avoids the majority of the perp's crimes.

2. Assign the investigation of this narrow timeframe to the perp's solicitor.

3. The perp's solicitor then makes a determination whether his/her client even
    commited any crimes.

Note: This would be even more effective in those cases where the perp's solicitor is also accused of complicity in his client's crimes.

Pretty simple, no? We didn't actually think of this interesting path to justice ourselves, we admit. It was only after gaining sight of a recent proposal by Beauchamps Solicitors to address the perjury, conflict of interest, financial misdealings, misappropriation, unaccounted for funds and all the rest that make up the shambles we refer to collectively as “The Administration of Dolores' Estate” that we realised that the above scenario is a quite good analogy of Beauchamps' proposed course of action.

What's that you say? Conflict of interest? Well, um, you're obviously forgetting that this is Ireland.

We have asked some legal experts what they thought of this scenario, and they have responded with the following audio clip (for those of you not using Internet Explorer 9.0 or below):

We couldn't agree more. Stay tuned.

August 2013

August 19, 2013   We've recently received information regarding two previously unknown events (to add to all the ones we already know about) where Ethan was draining Dolores' financial accounts shortly before her death. One while she was admitted to Wexford General Hospital during September 2-9, 2010, and the other while she lay in WGH during her final hospitalisaton. Both involve multi-thousand Euro amounts. Saoirse will seek to have both returned to Dolores' estate. They will be reported in detail on this site as time and resources allow.

August 19, 2013   If anyone has documents or accounts that may be added to the information soon to be given to the Gardai, we've established a cut-off time of 9:00pm Irish time (4pm EDST) August 22. As always, any information is welcome at any time. Submissions

August 19, 2013   Thanks to Anonymous for the account of Ethan's use of Dolores' Disabled Parking Blue Card.

August 18, 2013  Today marks the third year anniversary of Conor Maxwell's attempt to visit his mother Dolores. On holidays in Ireland, he and his family could not contact Dolores because of Ethan's isolation of Dolores and the absolute control of her phone and whereabouts that he had established by that time. Dolores had suffered a "fall" ten days earlier in Ethan's sole presence, resulting in a broken shoulder and facial injuries. We will publish details of this when we return to the narrative of Dolores' Last Year.

In the meantime, we wanted to make note of Conor's unsuccessful attempt to see Dolores which resulted in a letter being issued to him on Beauchamps Solicitors' headed paper the following month. We note the date of the letter corresponds to the same day that Ethan had Dolores' land line disconnected, and had a new number assigned to her line. He told no one of this, especially not the Public Health Nurses who were beginning to show quite an interest into his relationship with Dolores.

Although we believe this letter to be an outright forgery because of the misspellings, tortured grammar, lack of a legible signature and a bunch of other anomalies, surprisingly enough solicitor Joseph Bowe (who simultaneously represented both Dolores and Ethan!) assured Saoirse that this letter was indeed issued from Beauchamps, although he refused to say on whose instructions or even identify the author. Queries to Beauchamps' partners have also gone unanswered. Curious.

View the letter here


August 17, 2013   We've added some audio to our August 02 Update, for those of our readers not using Internet Explorer 9 and under.

August 17, 2013   Note to Anonymous who emailed us at approximately 11:30pm Irish time on August 16: We very much appreciate the information you provided and hope that the information provided on this website is a help to you and those around you.

As we write this update, Saoirse is preparing information to be given to the Gardai, at the Gardai's request. If you or anyone around you has information regarding abusive or intimidating behaviour, any knowledge or documentation of financial irregularities or abuse of position or access, please consider sending that information to this site, for forwarding on to Saoirse. Any information would be extremely helpful. Even information such as Ethan using Dolores' Blue Card to park in Disabled Parking spots (as he is known to do) would be helpful.

We will not publish information provided by you unless we have received permission from you. We take the privacy of our readers and sources seriously. We protect our sources, and it helps us to do so when our sources use the Submission Page which offers a way to send information anonymously.

For an additional layer of protection, we highly recommend and encourage the use of
the Tor Bundle when sending sensitive items to us.


August 09, 2013   Snapshots of Ireland, for those who couldn't partake of The Gathering:

To start, there's a nice Op-Ed piece by Fintan O'toole in the Irish Times:
"Ten Things You Can Do In Ireland That Almost Certainly Won’t Land You In Jail"

Number 6 is certainly alive and well in Dolores' case.

“A country that can’t enforce its own laws against acts that cause immense damage to citizens is not merely not a republic – it’s not even a functioning State. And only a dysfunctional State would be refusing to talk about the catastrophic failure of its legal system.” - Fintan O'Toole

Of course as we've previously reported, “justice” in Ireland doesn't mean you won't go to jail for some offences, say littering or failing to pay a dog licence or other such thing;
7,467 people found that out for themselves in 2012.

In fact the State seems particularly sensitive to the vast numbers of the hardened criminals who didn't pay their €160 TV licence on time. So sensitive, in fact that they launched 11,500 prosecutions in the courts against those who failed to pay their TV licence on time in 2012.

Goodness. What a shower of eejits, as they say. It's a bit Irish.


August 02, 2013   Regular readers may recall our update of March 09 2013, in which we published Saoirse's 2nd and 3rd letters to Beauchamps Solicitors Managing Partner John White. On that page, entitled An Open Letter to John White Part 3, we also reported on other disturbing events that had come to light regarding the administration of Dolores' estate by her three co-executors, Joseph M Bowe, W John Cunningham (both of Beauchamps Solicitors), and Ethan Maxwell. We reported that we had received information indicating that at least one of the executors was using Dolores' estate to pay for his personal liabilities and that one of the executors is claiming expenses and being “reimbursed” for items that Dolores paid for (or was forced to pay for) months before she died. We stand behind those statements now nearly five months since we first reported them.

There is now more unfortunate information to report on that front. Our thanks once again to Anonymous who has provided recent documents concerning Beauchamps' representation of the Maxwell family.

Some of these documents concern the “Cash Account” prepared by Joseph Bowe for (eventual) dissemination to Dolores' beneficiaries. The record of the cash accounting has yet to be released to the beneficiaries, well over two years into probate and well over a year since Dolores' last asset was sold. There has been no explanation for this from the executors of Dolores' estate.

It has been over a year since Joseph Bowe informed the beneficiaries that Dolores' house had been sold and wrote the following: “Some final bills associated with the sale have yet to come in. I expect to have them shortly. Thereafter, I will be preparing a cash account, covering both the sale and the administration generally, and then sending it out to you and your siblings.”

The documents we are relying on originated from Beauchamps. We have crunched the numbers every way we can, and have taken into account every contingency that we could think of that might be at play here, and no matter which way we look at it it seems that tens of thousands of Euros from Dolores' estate have somehow missed being accounted for. Literally tens of thousands.

We hope that it is perhaps an oversight that will be corrected “in due course” (to borrow a phrase from Mr White). Or perhaps there is a more recent "Cash Account" that we haven't seen that does reflect these unaccounted for funds. We have no reason to think so at the present time, because we can't understand how Dolores' estate could be generating tens of thousands of Euros in charges due 2 1/2 years after she died.

The Cash Account we were provided with certainly seems to be more of an exercise in obfuscation rather than a simple, clear and transparent accounting of money in and money out – things are lumped together in various places with no indication what the lumps are actually composed of – but as we say, no matter how we parse it we are led to the same unfortunate conclusion.

Perhaps Dolores' beneficiaries have no cause to be concerned here. Joseph Bowe, in a recorded meeting with Saoirse, promised full disclosure concerning the cash accounts. It doesn't seem to us to be an extraordinary thing to provide that but rather the minimum that would be expected from any fiduciary relationship– but especially given Ethan's attempt to fleece Patrick Maxwell's estate in 2006. Mr Bowe is well aware of his client's unfortunate history in that regard.

Joe: Ethan is not entitled to any profit or payment for his role as executor, he is entitled to (Unintelligible) expenses…

Saoirse: Right

Joe: …for being executor. And he will probably put forward a bill for visits to this office when he has to sign papers…

Saoirse: Right

Joe: …but, it will be (Unintelligible). Rest assured he's not paid or received no profit for his executor role.

Saoirse: Now, on those, is there a way the rest of the family can get full disclosure?

Joe: Of course. But, (Unintelligible) there's a limit to what (Unintelligible) should be (Unintelligible)

Saoirse: Yeah

Joe: But you are a residual beneficiary in this estate, (Unintelligible), you will be given an account from Beauchamps that I prepare, showing this is what we started with, this is what we paid out, this is what we collected in, this is what we got left, this is how it (Unintelligible) out. You and all your siblings have to approve that.

Saoirse: Ok

Joe: Now if you (Unintelligible)

Saoirse: Yeah

Joe: I'm sorry, would you really want to go and get all that, now I'll give them to you…

Saoirse: Yeah

Joe: …because if Ethan says he's out 500 euro and he vouched for it all, that's what he'd be paid…

Saoirse: Yes

Joe: …but I mean, you know, I think you could be probably looking for that level of detail, like a (Unintelligible) I should say it…

Saoirse: Yeah

Joe: …(Unintelligible) allow the executors to have some common sense in this, when I say executors, I mean John Cunningham and myself…

Saoirse: But both of you (Unintelligible)

Joe: Yeah. You have the right to approve the account; you won't sign off on this administration until you're happy, after everyone's been paid, correctly, and not (Unintelligible)

Saoirse: Yeah, yeah

Joe: (Unintelligible) you're entitled to it!

Saoirse: Well, and you'll keep an eye on his expenses as…

Joe: Rest assured! (Unintelligible) because I don't want someone coming back to me and saying it shouldn't be done.

Saoirse: Yeah, only because, again, of Uncle Paddy's and the…

Joe: I know that. Yeah, I understand. I think things might be slightly different this time, because it's a different set of beneficiaries, I mean you will be approving the accounts before we (Unintelligible)

Saoirse: Before. OK, ok.

Saoirse: So, full disclosure.

Joe: Yes

Saoirse: Now, what are Beauchamps' rates?

Joe: Yeah. Well, I'm too cheap for starters, that's a fact. The fee for this will be…

We note that in John White's “Response” Mr White said he was “…satisfied that Joseph has at all times acted honourably and honestly throughout this matter. I am also satisfied that the service provided by the firm was of a high level in line with appropriate standards.”

Curious. We find ourselves well short of satisfied. On the other hand, we have reason to be marginally more hopeful that this whole sordid mess will unravel. Stay tuned.

July 2013

July 30, 2013   We've added another document to Instructions purportedly sent by Dolores to solicitor Joseph Bowe of Beauchamps. This letter is from 30 December 2009.

July 29, 2013   We are publishing more documents concerning Cecil and Dolores Maxwell and Joseph M Bowe of Beauchamps Solicitors. These particular documents are in our view (no surprise here) not written by Dolores and/or Cecil Maxwell as they are purported to be. Nope. We think it will be fairly self-evident to regular readers of this site who the author is.

There are quite a few more of these type documents that we have in the queue, which will be published as time and resources allow. In the meantime you can view these documents in a page we call Instructions.

July 21, 2013  We have referred a few times on this site to the fact that the firm of
Beauchamps Solicitors has acted for various members of the Maxwell family
for decades.

We publish a document from 1985, when the firm was known as “Hickey Beauchamp Kirwan & O'Reilly” showing Joseph Bowe's first contact with the Maxwell family. He took over the administration of the estate of Cecil Maxwell's father, Patrick J Maxwell, when the solicitor who was handling it died.

Of course this begs the question of why, with an added 27 years experience, the administration of Dolores' “insignificant estate” (as Mr Bowe described it under oath) is in such a shambles.

Our heartfelt thanks to the source of this and related documents provided to
Dolores-Maxwell.com. It is very refreshing and encouraging when someone takes
exception to the outrage that happened to Dolores and Cecil.

View the document here.

July 19, 2013   Solicitor Eddie McGarr of McGarr Solicitors, Dublin, was found
guilty of misconduct and had to fork over €7,500 to his client.

Among other things cited by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, they found that Mr McGarr’s behaviour in not responding to repeated texts, emails and phone calls was “egregious” and amounted to a breach of the standards of those engaged in the profession.

Really makes you wonder about solicitor Hugh O'Neill, solicitor Caroline Devlin, and Dermot Eagney who composed the Tribunal that considered Saoirse's complaint. That Tribunal seemed to have not been able to care less about not responding to emails, letters, and phone calls. Or conflict of interest, lying to clients, perjury, and a boat load of other stuff. WTF?

July 18, 2013   The Private Residential Tenancies Board website has been undergoing a long revamp which broke the link referenced on Dolores' Grave. That link now exists once again. It involves a dispute with a tenant by landlord Rory Mulhall. The Decision of the PRTB.

July 17, 2013   John White (managing partner at Beauchamps Solicitors) has finally replied to Saoirse's letters to Beauchamps partners. (You can view Saoirse's letters here and here).

Well, sort of. Kinda. Curious thing is, it seems Mr White forgot to address any of Saoirse's concerns. Very curious indeed.

FWIW (which ain't much in our view), you can read his letter in John White's “Response”. We have also included Saoirse's response to Mr White's non–reply.

July 09, 2013   In a case with interesting parallels to Dolores' case, such as forged letters, undue influence and large transfers of wealth, The High Court has ordered a man to repay €900,000 he was “gifted” from his elderly aunt.

Among other devices used, this nephew stole a letterhead from the Department of Social and Family Affairs, typed a letter on it, addressed it to himself and used it to pressure his aunt to sell her house, including the threat that the State would be taking her house from her shortly. At the same time he called his aunt's solicitor to inform her that the aunt's GP, Dr. Elizabeth O'Sullivan, was satisfied in relation to her health and mental state. Regular readers will note the curious fact that Dr. Elizabeth O'Sullivan was also Dolores' GP.

We also note the fact that Carsten Kohl, HSE Senior Elder Abuse Case Worker was involved in this even as (stop us if you've heard this before) hundreds of thousands of euros was being withdrawn from the aunt's account.

The High Court Judge said this of the Rosslare Bank of Ireland: “The process and procedures followed by the bank were cursory and had no regard to the sums involved, the frequency of withdrawals or the age of the account holder. As of the date of that transfer, [the aunt] was not only elderly and fragile, but was due within a matter of days to have an assessment as to her mental capacity. To allow and permit the immediate transfer of such a substantial sum of money, representing a significant portion of the funds available to [the aunt], without a private meeting or real consideration is indicative of a lack of full or proper procedures being followed in the bank’s dealing with elderly and potentially vulnerable customers.”

Why is this nephew not in prison? Just another day in Ireland.

July 05, 2013   We make note of the fact that 05 July 2013 marks one year to the day that Dolores' house was sold. This was her estate's last asset. The beneficiaries were informed that the only thing left outstanding with the administration of Dolores' estate were a few payments to be made surrounding this sale.

Yet one year later, there is still no word from Dolores' three executors, Joseph M Bowe, W John Cunningham (both of Beauchamps Solicitors), and Ethan Maxwell of when the estate might be wound up.

This of course begs the question: WTF?!

July 01, 2013   From the Journal.ie:
New committee report will lift the lid on domestic abuse

“Domestic abuse may include shocking physical and sexual violence but it also may take the form of bullying and other controlling behaviours, constant put-me-downs, verbal abuse and threats.”

It remains an open question whether another study on the rampant abuse in Ireland will lead to change. We hope so. We'll see.

June 2013

June 23, 2013   From The Herald:
If you see domestic violence but say nothing, then you are part of the problem

June 22, 2013   Elder abuse on the rise; a short article by the Irish Independent highlighting financial abuse of Elders.


June 20, 2013   In a case eerily similar to events reported on these pages, Dolores' solicitor Joseph Bowe of Beauchamps Solicitors was sued after representing both parties in yet another parent/son transfer of property. The High Court dismissed the case, but the Supreme Court on 19 June 2013 said the High Court erred. Unfortunately the elderly victim died two weeks before the decision by the Supreme Court.

Among other issues, the Supreme Court said the High Court erred in not having due regard to “prima facie evidence” in the client file that Beauchamps was aware the money produced from sale of the house would be used by Anthony Murphy, her son, for his benefit.

The Court also found that “All of the attendances regarding the sale of the property indicate that the vendor was “Anthony Murphy” [Ed: “son”], the second named defendant, from whom apparently Beauchamps were both seeking and obtaining instructions, without reference to the appellant [Ed: “mother”].

This cetainly shadows Saoirse's allegation that Mr Bowe was taking instructions from his client Onan Maxwell concerning the affairs of his client Dolores Maxwell, to the extreme detriment of his client Dolores Maxwell.

Read about Mr Bowe and his elderly client Elizabeth Murphy in the Irish Times.

The Supreme Court Decision can be found here:


June 19, 2013   After receiving correspondence from Dolores' solicitor/executor
Joseph Bowe
of Beauchamps Solicitors, and having no reply from Beauchamps' partners addressing the shambles of the administration of Dolores' estate, Saoirse wrote a
Second Open Letter To Beauchamps to each of the 23 partners.

June 17, 2013  From The Journal.ie 15 June:
Call for vigilance as elder abuse in Ireland on the increase

June 13, 2013  World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) CONFERENCE 2013

LIVE STREAM of the conference is available from 10:30am at www.ncpop.ie

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) is marked in June each year. Established by the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) in 2006 and ratified by the United Nations in 2011, the day serves as a call to action to individuals, organisations and communities to raise awareness of abuse, neglect and exploitation of older people. On Thursday, June 13 th 2013 , the National Centre for the Protection of Older People (NCPOP), University College Dublin, in collaboration with the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) will jointly host a national conference to mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day . The conference will take place at the Health Sciences Centre, University College Dublin.

May 2013

May 29, 2013   Message to Anonymous: Yes the number “forty” is there. It is the only number in that context. It is said to have occurred sometime in a two–year timeframe. That timeframe is false (as is the number forty, we believe). By definition this event could have had only happened sometime in a very well defined three and a half week period. This document is not secret, and is available from source to certain interested parties.

And consider this, which is an entirely different thing, and is not reflected anywhere on that flawed and perjurious document you ask about. From Mr Bowe's Responding Affidavit to the SDT:

Responding Affidavit, Paragraph 10

May 28, 2013   An Open Letter to the 23 partners of Beauchamps Solicitors

May 28, 2013   Our thanks to Anomymous One and Two for the info about Rory Mulhall. The priority of course is for the safety and security of the elderly mother. If you have concerns you can request the Gardai do a welfare check on her. Stepaside Garda Station is closed, you can call Dundrum at 01 6665600. There is also a Garda Clinic in the Glencullen Library, each Tuesday from 2pm to 4pm.

Alerting the Public Health Nurse of any concerns you may have can be done through the Leopardstown Primary Care Team at 01 2996600.

And of course there is the HSE Elder Abuse Senior Case Worker for Wicklow: Janet Beattie-Doyle, Senior Social Worker/Team Leader, Arklow Primary Care, Castlepark, Arklow, Co Wicklow Tel 0402 40245 janet.beattiedoyle@hse.ie

Given what happened (and didn't happen) to Dolores, we have no faith whatsoever in the above recommendations, but we do believe it to be important that a paper trail be established.

May 28, 2013   Good read from the Irish Independent: “We Must Tend To Our Issues On The Home Front”, highlighting Ireland's hypocrisy surrounding violence towards women. “Ireland seems to have a similar reluctance to recognise women's rights to freedom from violence in their own country.”

May 28, 2013   Reply to Anonymous who requested info about the number “Forty:” Although that number and event is referenced on the site, only excerpts of the source document have been published here. The section concerning the “Forty” has not been published. There are no immediate plans to publish it here. If you need sight of it, contacting Saoirse is likely the best thing.


May 03, 2013   The National Centre for the Protection of Older People (NCPOP) at UCD will host their annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) conference on 13 July 2013.
It will take place in the Health Sciences Centre, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4.
More Info

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April 2013

April 16, 2013   Essay – Perception

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April 09, 2013  Our gratitude to Anonymous for yet another account confirming the horrible abuse suffered by Cecil and Dolores Maxwell at the hands of their youngest son, Ethan.   A Neighbour Speaks Out

March 2013

March 28, 2013  In th UK: Stephen Seddon jailed for 40 years for parents' murder

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March 23, 2013   Background on a comment made by Mr Bowe in his letter to Saoirse is illuminated in an update to An Open Letter to John White Part 1 in an Editor's Page: An Interesting Aside.


March 13, 2013   HISTORY IN THE MAKING: Saturday April 6th, 2013 9am-5pm
The ANU Campaign for Truth, Rights & Justice Conference, Dublin, Ireland
Grassroots Action on Sex Abuse in Ireland

The purpose of the conference is to highlight awareness to the extent of sex abuse in Ireland and expand the grassroots movement by bringing survivors and all stakeholders together to create an agenda for action and change within the justice system and services such that it will drastically reduce and ultimately eliminate sex abuse in Ireland.

March 10, 2013   Essay: Mother's Day 2013

March 09, 2013   Anonymous brings to our attention the sentencing of Eleanor Joel and her partner Jonathan Costen, more than 7 years after the crime, who were convicted of the unlawful killing of Evelyn Joel. Evelyn is Eleanor's mother.

This case has a lot of parallels with Dolores', particularly in the way Evelyn was isolated from other family members. This also happened in the same HSE South region. Like Dolores, Evelyn was taken to Wexford General Hospital, where she later died.

The HSE launched an internal investigation that was never made public. The HSE spent some €500,000 in a vain attempt to keep the report out of the coutroom.

For the killing of Evelyn Joel, Eleanor Joel and Jonathan Costen will each be forced to endure 240 hours of community service. And, um, they are not allowed be be drunk in public.

Ah, Ireland, with its decades of what the UN describes as the State–sponsored torture of its women and children, a place where today a man can kill his wife and then collect her estate. Truly a dark and terrible place.

Not that Ireland is soft on crime. For instance, don't neglect to pay your dog licence

March 09, 2013   The Response of John White, Managing Partner of Beauchamps Solicitors.

March 07, 2013   With a heavy heart, we report more issues with the administration of Dolores' estate that have recently come to light, along with Saoirse's second and third letters to the Managing Partner of Beauchamps Solicitors in An Open Letter to John White Part 3.

Our special thanks to Anonymous for the very joyful photo of Dolores from 2004. The support you have offered has meant a great deal to Saoirse. And to us.

Thanks also to a second Anonymous source for the photo of Dolores from 2008, sporting her impish grin!

March 06, 2013  Seven years, four months, and twenty days too late for Dolores and Cecil Maxwell, it became illegal on 01 January 2013 for a solicitor to act for both parties in a property transfer in Ireland.

In the works for years, it gained momentum on foot of a joint HSE and UCD Elder Abuse Study showing 94% of financial abuse of the elderly in Ireland was perpetrated by family members. You can read an excellent synopsis by Marie O'Riordan of Hayes Solicitors and read the full act here.

March 03, 2013  Open Letter to John White Part 2  Warning to our readers: The page is really quite long, but we wanted to make sure there was no ambiguity about the contents.

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March 01, 2013   We think we were remiss in not including the entire paragraph from Mr Bowe's Affidavit about appointing outside solicitors.
We rectify that in an updated An Open Letter to John White Part 1

February 2013

February 22, 2013   An Open Letter to John White Part 1, Managing Partner of Beauchamps Solicitors.

February 20, 2013    Minor updates to Dolores' Grave giving a bit more clarity to the fictitious company, Alpine Memorials.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day UN Declaration of Human Rights European Year for Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity Towards a Society for All Ages