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July 2013

July 30, 2013   We've added another document to Instructions purportedly sent by Dolores to solicitor Joseph Bowe of Beauchamps. This letter is from 30 December 2009.

July 29, 2013   We are publishing more documents concerning Cecil and Dolores Maxwell and Joseph M Bowe of Beauchamps Solicitors. These particular documents are in our view (no surprise here) not written by Dolores and/or Cecil Maxwell as they are purported to be. Nope. We think it will be fairly self-evident to regular readers of this site who the author is.

There are quite a few more of these type documents that we have in the queue, which will be published as time and resources allow. In the meantime you can view these documents in a page we call Instructions.

July 21, 2013  We have referred a few times on this site to the fact that the firm of
Beauchamps Solicitors has acted for various members of the Maxwell family
for decades.

We publish a document from 1985, when the firm was known as “Hickey Beauchamp Kirwan & O'Reilly” showing Joseph Bowe's first contact with the Maxwell family. He took over the administration of the estate of Cecil Maxwell's father, Patrick J Maxwell, when the solicitor who was handling it died.

Of course this begs the question of why, with an added 27 years experience, the administration of Dolores' “insignificant estate” (as Mr Bowe described it under oath) is in such a shambles.

Our heartfelt thanks to the source of this and related documents provided to It is very refreshing and encouraging when someone takes
exception to the outrage that happened to Dolores and Cecil.

View the document here.

July 19, 2013   Solicitor Eddie McGarr of McGarr Solicitors, Dublin, was found
guilty of misconduct and had to fork over €7,500 to his client.

Among other things cited by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, they found that Mr McGarr’s behaviour in not responding to repeated texts, emails and phone calls was “egregious” and amounted to a breach of the standards of those engaged in the profession.

Really makes you wonder about solicitor Hugh O'Neill, solicitor Caroline Devlin, and Dermot Eagney who composed the Tribunal that considered Saoirse's complaint. That Tribunal seemed to have not been able to care less about not responding to emails, letters, and phone calls. Or conflict of interest, lying to clients, perjury, and a boat load of other stuff. WTF?

July 18, 2013   The Private Residential Tenancies Board website has been undergoing a long revamp which broke the link referenced on Dolores' Grave. That link now exists once again. It involves a dispute with a tenant by landlord Rory Mulhall. The Decision of the PRTB.

July 17, 2013   John White (managing partner at Beauchamps Solicitors) has finally replied to Saoirse's letters to Beauchamps partners. (You can view Saoirse's letters here and here).

Well, sort of. Kinda. Curious thing is, it seems Mr White forgot to address any of Saoirse's concerns. Very curious indeed.

FWIW (which ain't much in our view), you can read his letter in John White's “Response”. We have also included Saoirse's response to Mr White's non–reply.

July 09, 2013   In a case with interesting parallels to Dolores' case, such as forged letters, undue influence and large transfers of wealth, The High Court has ordered a man to repay €900,000 he was “gifted” from his elderly aunt.

Among other devices used, this nephew stole a letterhead from the Department of Social and Family Affairs, typed a letter on it, addressed it to himself and used it to pressure his aunt to sell her house, including the threat that the State would be taking her house from her shortly. At the same time he called his aunt's solicitor to inform her that the aunt's GP, Dr. Elizabeth O'Sullivan, was satisfied in relation to her health and mental state. Regular readers will note the curious fact that Dr. Elizabeth O'Sullivan was also Dolores' GP.

We also note the fact that Carsten Kohl, HSE Senior Elder Abuse Case Worker was involved in this even as (stop us if you've heard this before) hundreds of thousands of euros was being withdrawn from the aunt's account.

The High Court Judge said this of the Rosslare Bank of Ireland: “The process and procedures followed by the bank were cursory and had no regard to the sums involved, the frequency of withdrawals or the age of the account holder. As of the date of that transfer, [the aunt] was not only elderly and fragile, but was due within a matter of days to have an assessment as to her mental capacity. To allow and permit the immediate transfer of such a substantial sum of money, representing a significant portion of the funds available to [the aunt], without a private meeting or real consideration is indicative of a lack of full or proper procedures being followed in the bank’s dealing with elderly and potentially vulnerable customers.”

Why is this nephew not in prison? Just another day in Ireland.

July 05, 2013   We make note of the fact that 05 July 2013 marks one year to the day that Dolores' house was sold. This was her estate's last asset. The beneficiaries were informed that the only thing left outstanding with the administration of Dolores' estate were a few payments to be made surrounding this sale.

Yet one year later, there is still no word from Dolores' three executors, Joseph M Bowe, W John Cunningham (both of Beauchamps Solicitors), and Ethan Maxwell of when the estate might be wound up.

This of course begs the question: WTF?!

July 01, 2013   From the
New committee report will lift the lid on domestic abuse

“Domestic abuse may include shocking physical and sexual violence but it also may take the form of bullying and other controlling behaviours, constant put-me-downs, verbal abuse and threats.”

It remains an open question whether another study on the rampant abuse in Ireland will lead to change. We hope so. We'll see.

June 2013

June 23, 2013   From The Herald:
If you see domestic violence but say nothing, then you are part of the problem

June 22, 2013   Elder abuse on the rise; a short article by the Irish Independent highlighting financial abuse of Elders.


June 20, 2013   In a case eerily similar to events reported on these pages, Dolores' solicitor Joseph Bowe of Beauchamps Solicitors was sued after representing both parties in yet another parent/son transfer of property. The High Court dismissed the case, but the Supreme Court on 19 June 2013 said the High Court erred. Unfortunately the elderly victim died two weeks before the decision by the Supreme Court.

Among other issues, the Supreme Court said the High Court erred in not having due regard to “prima facie evidence” in the client file that Beauchamps was aware the money produced from sale of the house would be used by Anthony Murphy, her son, for his benefit.

The Court also found that “All of the attendances regarding the sale of the property indicate that the vendor was “Anthony Murphy” [Ed: “son”], the second named defendant, from whom apparently Beauchamps were both seeking and obtaining instructions, without reference to the appellant [Ed: “mother”].

This cetainly shadows Saoirse's allegation that Mr Bowe was taking instructions from his client Onan Maxwell concerning the affairs of his client Dolores Maxwell, to the extreme detriment of his client Dolores Maxwell.

Read about Mr Bowe and his elderly client Elizabeth Murphy in the Irish Times.

The Supreme Court Decision can be found here:


June 19, 2013   After receiving correspondence from Dolores' solicitor/executor
Joseph Bowe
of Beauchamps Solicitors, and having no reply from Beauchamps' partners addressing the shambles of the administration of Dolores' estate, Saoirse wrote a
Second Open Letter To Beauchamps to each of the 23 partners.

June 17, 2013  From The 15 June:
Call for vigilance as elder abuse in Ireland on the increase

June 13, 2013  World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) CONFERENCE 2013

LIVE STREAM of the conference is available from 10:30am at

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) is marked in June each year. Established by the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) in 2006 and ratified by the United Nations in 2011, the day serves as a call to action to individuals, organisations and communities to raise awareness of abuse, neglect and exploitation of older people. On Thursday, June 13 th 2013 , the National Centre for the Protection of Older People (NCPOP), University College Dublin, in collaboration with the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) will jointly host a national conference to mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day . The conference will take place at the Health Sciences Centre, University College Dublin.

May 2013

May 29, 2013   Message to Anonymous: Yes the number “forty” is there. It is the only number in that context. It is said to have occurred sometime in a two–year timeframe. That timeframe is false (as is the number forty, we believe). By definition this event could have had only happened sometime in a very well defined three and a half week period. This document is not secret, and is available from source to certain interested parties.

And consider this, which is an entirely different thing, and is not reflected anywhere on that flawed and perjurious document you ask about. From Mr Bowe's Responding Affidavit to the SDT:

Responding Affidavit, Paragraph 10

May 28, 2013   An Open Letter to the 23 partners of Beauchamps Solicitors

May 28, 2013   Our thanks to Anomymous One and Two for the info about Rory Mulhall. The priority of course is for the safety and security of the elderly mother. If you have concerns you can request the Gardai do a welfare check on her. Stepaside Garda Station is closed, you can call Dundrum at 01 6665600. There is also a Garda Clinic in the Glencullen Library, each Tuesday from 2pm to 4pm.

Alerting the Public Health Nurse of any concerns you may have can be done through the Leopardstown Primary Care Team at 01 2996600.

And of course there is the HSE Elder Abuse Senior Case Worker for Wicklow: Janet Beattie-Doyle, Senior Social Worker/Team Leader, Arklow Primary Care, Castlepark, Arklow, Co Wicklow Tel 0402 40245

Given what happened (and didn't happen) to Dolores, we have no faith whatsoever in the above recommendations, but we do believe it to be important that a paper trail be established.

May 28, 2013   Good read from the Irish Independent: “We Must Tend To Our Issues On The Home Front”, highlighting Ireland's hypocrisy surrounding violence towards women. “Ireland seems to have a similar reluctance to recognise women's rights to freedom from violence in their own country.”

May 28, 2013   Reply to Anonymous who requested info about the number “Forty:” Although that number and event is referenced on the site, only excerpts of the source document have been published here. The section concerning the “Forty” has not been published. There are no immediate plans to publish it here. If you need sight of it, contacting Saoirse is likely the best thing.


May 03, 2013   The National Centre for the Protection of Older People (NCPOP) at UCD will host their annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) conference on 13 July 2013.
It will take place in the Health Sciences Centre, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4.
More Info

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April 2013

April 16, 2013   Essay – Perception

April 16, 2013  Our site search is now powered by DuckDuckGo, instead of Google. Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo does not serve up ads, track your searches and web surfing, or store your IP number.

April 09, 2013  Our gratitude to Anonymous for yet another account confirming the horrible abuse suffered by Cecil and Dolores Maxwell at the hands of their youngest son, Ethan.   A Neighbour Speaks Out

March 2013

March 28, 2013  In th UK: Stephen Seddon jailed for 40 years for parents' murder

March 27, 2013   Social media icons and buttons have become ubiquitous on websites: Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc. We avoided implementing those on our website for a long time. We then incorporated a Facebook Like button and a Tweet This Page button.

The problem with that (in our view) is that whether you are signed in to the service or not, these services collect information on you as a visitor to any site that has them. It didn't sit right with us, and yet we felt it important at this time to avail of the advantages of social media as we strive towards our goals for this website as expressed in Why This Site.

So building on prior work by  Heise Online  and  Mathias PanzenbÖck  we have implemented a system that allows interaction with social media, but only if you activate the service yourself by clicking the button next to it. We think it is a good thing.

March 26, 2013   We are alerting our readers of an important anouncement that will most likely be posted by the end of this week. Check back.


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Also, with the March 23 update below, it seems many of you are not seeing the additional info. You'll see it show up eventually, but for immediate access, Clear Your Cache.

March 23, 2013   Background on a comment made by Mr Bowe in his letter to Saoirse is illuminated in an update to An Open Letter to John White Part 1 in an Editor's Page: An Interesting Aside.


March 13, 2013   HISTORY IN THE MAKING: Saturday April 6th, 2013 9am-5pm
The ANU Campaign for Truth, Rights & Justice Conference, Dublin, Ireland
Grassroots Action on Sex Abuse in Ireland

The purpose of the conference is to highlight awareness to the extent of sex abuse in Ireland and expand the grassroots movement by bringing survivors and all stakeholders together to create an agenda for action and change within the justice system and services such that it will drastically reduce and ultimately eliminate sex abuse in Ireland.

March 10, 2013   Essay: Mother's Day 2013

March 09, 2013   Anonymous brings to our attention the sentencing of Eleanor Joel and her partner Jonathan Costen, more than 7 years after the crime, who were convicted of the unlawful killing of Evelyn Joel. Evelyn is Eleanor's mother.

This case has a lot of parallels with Dolores', particularly in the way Evelyn was isolated from other family members. This also happened in the same HSE South region. Like Dolores, Evelyn was taken to Wexford General Hospital, where she later died.

The HSE launched an internal investigation that was never made public. The HSE spent some €500,000 in a vain attempt to keep the report out of the coutroom.

For the killing of Evelyn Joel, Eleanor Joel and Jonathan Costen will each be forced to endure 240 hours of community service. And, um, they are not allowed be be drunk in public.

Ah, Ireland, with its decades of what the UN describes as the State–sponsored torture of its women and children, a place where today a man can kill his wife and then collect her estate. Truly a dark and terrible place.

Not that Ireland is soft on crime. For instance, don't neglect to pay your dog licence

March 09, 2013   The Response of John White, Managing Partner of Beauchamps Solicitors.

March 07, 2013   With a heavy heart, we report more issues with the administration of Dolores' estate that have recently come to light, along with Saoirse's second and third letters to the Managing Partner of Beauchamps Solicitors in An Open Letter to John White Part 3.

Our special thanks to Anonymous for the very joyful photo of Dolores from 2004. The support you have offered has meant a great deal to Saoirse. And to us.

Thanks also to a second Anonymous source for the photo of Dolores from 2008, sporting her impish grin!

March 06, 2013  Seven years, four months, and twenty days too late for Dolores and Cecil Maxwell, it became illegal on 01 January 2013 for a solicitor to act for both parties in a property transfer in Ireland.

In the works for years, it gained momentum on foot of a joint HSE and UCD Elder Abuse Study showing 94% of financial abuse of the elderly in Ireland was perpetrated by family members. You can read an excellent synopsis by Marie O'Riordan of Hayes Solicitors and read the full act here.

March 03, 2013  Open Letter to John White Part 2  Warning to our readers: The page is really quite long, but we wanted to make sure there was no ambiguity about the contents.

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March 01, 2013   We think we were remiss in not including the entire paragraph from Mr Bowe's Affidavit about appointing outside solicitors.
We rectify that in an updated An Open Letter to John White Part 1

February 2013

February 22, 2013   An Open Letter to John White Part 1, Managing Partner of Beauchamps Solicitors.

February 20, 2013    Minor updates to Dolores' Grave giving a bit more clarity to the fictitious company, Alpine Memorials.

December 2012 December 27, 2012    The document dump of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal action opens with three items:


December 19, 2012    An update to Audio Recordings of Conversations in Ireland, concerning an audio recording that was used in the conviction of pig farmer Donal Connaughton.


November 2012

November 29, 2012Annual report of SafeIreland. Domestic violence towards women and children continues to rise in Ireland. We find the marginalization of women and children in Ireland to be utterly disturbing. We are gathering material for a future Misogyny section of this website.
November 29, 2012    A rarity in Ireland – prosecution and conviction related to Elder Abuse. Aspects of this parallel Dolores' case. Judge Heather Perrin Convicted
November 29, 2012    Update to Elder Abuse Retreats concerning St. Sennan's Hospital.
November 15, 2012    A Doctor's View on Savita
November 15, 2012    Savita had a heartbeat too!
Progress in Ireland: Twenty years after the Supreme Court of Ireland ruled that an abortion was legal in cases where the mother's life is threatened, Health Minister James Reilly receives the report. Too late for dentist Savita Halappanavar.

The Gathering


November 09, 2012    Saoirse's decision whether to appeal the Tribunal's findings to the High Court and a brief, narrow look at Ireland's legal system in To Appeal Or Not

July through October 2012

October 02, 2012      Minor update to "Is Ethan preparing to do a runner?" concerning the sale of the property in Bray.
August 02, 2012   From New Hampshire, a case of Elder Abuse with many parallels to Dolores'. We note the very different response by the authorities. From the Union Leader Newspaper.
July 20, 2012   The Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal  Example 2  published. The page includes a short concise version of Example 2.
July 18, 2012   Updated The Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal Intro and Example 1 with a button that pops up a short concise version of Example 1.

June 2012

June 28, 2012   Essay, Thank You Neighbour
June 28, 2012   Jaggers and Brass have been exonerated of all allegations of misconduct. Here is a brief look at  The Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal decision.
June 23, 2012   Our thanks to Anonymous, who has provided us with A Neighbour's Account
June 02, 2012   Essay by Saoirse, A Year And A Half On

May 2012

May 14, 2012    As always, we would be grateful for photos of Dolores and Cecil to share on this website.Submissions
May 04, 2012   Part 8 of A Winter's Tale, Elder Abuse Retreats, detailing events to the end of February 2010.
May 01, 2012   Site search now powered by Google Custom Search
May 01, 2012   Addition to Part 7 of A Winter's Tale, See No Evil, Hear No Evil.
regarding home visits by the HSE to Dolores.

April 2012

April 30, 2012   Part 7 of A Winter's Tale, See No Evil, Hear No Evil.
April 28, 2012    As always, we would be grateful for photos of Dolores and Cecil to share on this website.Submissions
April 28, 2012   Assigned pseudonyms to two courageous, standup people in anticipation of a forthcoming update. See What About These Names.
April 19, 2012   Updated information and added postscript: The Silence of Friends >The Silence of Dolores' Doctor
April 17, 2012   Assigned pseudonyms to two doctors in anticipation of a forthcoming update. See What About These Names.
April 04, 2012   Added image to Dolores' Grave, Update 2, Part Two showing the headstone after removal of the "Alpine Memorial"plaque.

March 2012

March 31, 2012   The publication of the meeting between Damian Brass and Saoirse has generated some interest as to whether recording that meeting was legal. The short answer is yes. The long answer is found here
March 31, 2012  [ Editor's note: Once again we apologise for the lack of updates. Current events continue to usurp our resources away from this website. And even though we have become very, very familiar with the incredibly sad and bizarre events documented here, we continue to be surprised at the information that has been forthcoming.

For example, among other things, Saoirse has recently received a letter from the Coroner. This letter deals with Dolores' Inquest and access to certain, um, files. (We weren't even aware there had been an inquest into Dolores death...)   ]
March 16, 2012   Thanks to Anonymous for bringing to our attention the information about and connections between Dolores, Aer Arann, and what appears to be mortgage payments to a third party from one of Dolores' bank accounts. Rest assured we will look into this as time and resources allow. If anyone has any information about this, please consider sending it to Submissions.
March 16, 2012   An account of the 01 Feb 2011 meeting between Damian Brass and Saoirse
March 09, 2012   It has been confirmed that Ethan has sold the Bray residence on 09 February 2012. We expect to have confirmation of his current whereabouts in a few days. We have learned also that items placed on Dolores' grave since the last round of thefts have likewise been stolen.
March 02, 2012   Our apologies for the lack of steady updates. Although the website has been static, other areas have been anything but dormant. A few quick notes:

  • We expect to receive another cache of documents shortly.
  • We are in receipt of further confirmation from a reliable source of Ethan's "nature and behaviour."
  • We have been in receipt of certain documents that indicate Ethan may have moved from his residence in Bray. If anyone can verify this either way or has further information regarding this, please let us know.
  • Ethan wrote a series of letters to various individuals/entities on February 14 concerning issues we have raised on this site, among other things. We expect to see at least two of these letters shortly.
  • To our knowledge, Jaggers and Brass have not responded to or addressed the false expenses charged against Dolores' estate or the gross omissions on the Inland Revenue Affidavit they filed with Ethan. We would love to hear from anyone who knows differently.
  • We are seeking a photo of Dolores' grave taken after the "Alpine Memorial"plaque was removed. If anyone has one that they are willing to have published on this site, we would be grateful.
  • We've reported how items placed on Dolores' grave have been stolen. In other jurisdictions this would be treated very differently. Like in Sacramento, California for example.
February 2012

February 07, 2012   Our thanks to Anonymous for the info. Nice catch, much appreciated!
February 03, 2012   Another update about Dolores' Grave: Update 2, Part One, and
Update 2, Part Two.

January 2012

January 26, 2012  Update to FAQ > Miscellaneous, Who or What is Alpine Memorials?
January 20, 2012  Update to Part 2 of A Winter's Tale, The Solicitor's Letter;Instructions to Damian Brass, and which of Dolores' children were and were not sent this letter.
January 18, 2012  Update to Part 4 of A Winter's Tale, HSE Elder Abuse Investigation Continues: Geoffrey Blair's "Form 5 Initial Record of Referral";comments about Form 6.
January 07, 2012  Yet more crimes by Ethan Maxwell and others have been uncovered. Notification made to relevant bodies. We'll update as soon as we can, but it is prudent we deal with the current developments first.
January 03, 2012  Update to A Message from the members of

December 2011

December 19, 2011  Update to the December 16 update, concerning yet another fraud committed by Ethan Maxwell: It has been confirmed. We'll publish details when appropriate. This fraud seems to be connected to a recent and ongoing attempt at yet another fraud, so we think it best not to publish at least until the attempted fraud is prevented. We will say we are very pleased with current developments.
December 16, 2011  [Editor's note: is in receipt of a very large (almost overwhelming) amount of information this week from multiple sources. This information is being processed and triaged now. Updates will have lower priority as members attend to this. However, as always, we welcome any additional information. Submissions]
December 16, 2011   Our gratitude to Anonymous for evidence of yet another multi-thousand Euro fraud committed by Ethan Maxwell. Confirmation pending, parties notified. Will be published when appropriate.
December 14, 2011 is in receipt of another substantial cache of documents obtained under Ireland's FOI Acts. The next update to this site will happen as soon as possible.
December 12, 2011   Is Ethan preparing to do a runner?
December 08, 2011   Part 6 of A Winter's Tale,Brass Signs Off
December 06, 2011  Minor update to Part 4 of A Winter's Tale,HSE Elder Abuse Investigation Continues, concerning Dolores' signature.
December 02, 2011   A Message from the members of

November 2011

November 30, 2011   Part 5 of A Winter's Tale, Damian Brass responds.
November 30, 2011   Follow–up to the November 18 Thank You: Dolores' Grave Update
November 30, 2011   Essay: Recollections By Your Graveside

November 20, 2011   Dolores' Grave
November 18, 2011   Thanks to the unknown visitor(s) who placed this on Dolores' grave.
November 15, 2011   Site searchbox added
November 11, 2011   Part 4 of A Winter's Tale, HSE Elder Abuse Investigation Continues
November 09, 2011   Update on the case of abuser John Trimble

October 2011

October 21, 2011   Essay:  Taken Care Of
October 21, 2011   Update to FAQ > Miscellaneous, Who is Mark Sinnott?
October 21, 2011   Part 3 of A Winter's Tale, Geoffrey Blair Returns
October 17, 2011   Addition to FAQ > Miscellaneous, Who is Mark Sinnott?
October 16, 2011   Minor update to FAQ > Miscellaneous, Did Dolores Write A Letter?
October 16, 2011   Addition to FAQ > Miscellaneous, Who is Adrian Maxwell?
October 07, 2011   Part 2 of A Winter's Tale, The Solicitor's Letter
October 04, 2011   A Winter's Tale series, detailing the events of January and February 2010 begins with the Introduction
October 04, 2011   Update and image added to A Christmas Story, Notes and Comments
Thanks to ghetto_guera29

September 2011

September 23, 2011   Minor update to The Silence of The Gardai
September 22, 2011   Updated About The Names Used Here, in anticipation of the publication of the next section of  Dolores' Last Year
September 22, 2011   Header link for Positive Ageing Week 2011, September 23-30
September 21, 2011   Addition to FAQ, Did Dolores Write A Letter?
September 21, 2011   Addition to FAQ, Cecil's Death Certificate
September 21, 2011   Addition to FAQ, Dolores' Will and Witnesses
September 20, 2011   A Christmas Story concludes with Notes and Comments
September 18, 2011   Saoirse's Letter to the Editor published in the Sunday Independent
[Editor's note:Saoirse's name was not published. This was an editorial decision, and not by request.]

September 17, 2011   The case of Donald Noseworthy, convicted of killing his mother.
September 16, 2011   Essay:  Recognition
September 13, 2011   Minor update to FAQ
September 13, 2011   Minor update to Dolores Calls Saoirse
September 08, 2011   Essay:  Poppies From Mom
September 07, 2011   Gearóid Fahy sentenced to life in prison for murdering his grandfather

August 2011

August 23, 2011   Part 5 of "A Christmas Story"  Dolores Calls Saoirse
August 15, 2011   Essay:  A State of Undress
August 15, 2011   Added link to ResourcesSpotlight on Elder Abuse

July 2011

July 22, 2011   The links to the story of Dolores' Last Year in chronological order
July 22, 2011   Part 4 of "A Christmas Story"  Sophie Sorts it Out
July 22, 2011   The Greenhouse
July 07, 2011   Open Letter to the Coroner's Office
July 07, 2011   Update to FAQ
July 05, 2011   Added content to HSE Elder Abuse Dec 2009

June 2011

June 30, 2011   Updated Dolores' wedding year on the Home Page
June 23, 2011   Update to FAQ
June 23, 2011   Part 3 of "A Christmas StoryDecember 27, 2009
June 17, 2011   Update to FAQ
June 17, 2011   Part 2 of "A Christmas Story:"Ethan's Christmas Message
June 15, 2011   To mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: My Mother's Voice
June 15, 2011   A Christmas Story introduction.
June 15, 2011   Improved navigation of left sidebar
June 14, 2011   Thanks to Anonymous for Cecil Maxwell's Self Portraits of his black eye from 2005. [Editor's note to Anonymous: Thanks very much for this information. We are indeed aware of the events of that year. We have extensive documentation regarding it, and are seeking more. We will visit it in depth, we promise you. For now we think it prudent to focus our limited resources on telling about Dolores' last year.]
June 14, 2011   Minor update to Contact and Submissions
Jun 13, 2011   Added link to News: UN Calls for Torture Probe in Ireland
Jun 9, 2011   Minor update to FAQ
June 8, 2011   Update added to Stuart Cummins, Ann Teresa Connolly, and Emelina Navale
June 8, 2011   The Silence of Friends- Notes and Comments Thanks to Anonymous for the rare photo of Ethan
Jun 4, 2011   I'm Not Convinced
Jun 4, 2011   HSE Elder Abuse December 2009
Jun 4, 2011   The Silence of Dolores' Children
Jun 4, 2011   Minor updates to FAQ

May 2011

May 30, 2011   Second minor update to FAQ
May 30, 2011   The Silence of The Priest Thanks to Stuart Williams, Foxrock Church photo
May 30, 2011   Minor updates to The Silence of The Gardai
May 30, 2011   Minor update to FAQ
May 30, 2011   The Silence of The Doctor
May 30, 2011   Night Watch
May 25, 2011   Minor update to FAQ
May 25, 2011   The Silence of The Gardai
May 25, 2011   The Silence of Friends
May 25, 2011   Minor updates to A Simple Plan Part 3 Thanks to Anonymous
May 23, 2011   Enhanced contact>Submissions
May 20, 2011   Published Dossier>Forgeries and Ruses>The Taxi Letter
May 19, 2011   Minor updates to FAQ
May 19, 2011   Minor update to Convictions in Ireland
May 17, 2011   A Simple Plan Part 3
May 17, 2011   Minor updates to the end of A Simple Plan Part 2
May 16, 2011   Minor updates to FAQ
May 13, 2011   Minor updates to FAQ
May 13, 2011   A Simple Plan Part 2
May 12, 2011   Recent Updates (this page)
May 11, 2011   A Simple Plan Part 1

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