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Our thanks go to Anonymous who not only provided the following account for publication on this website, but also wrote to the Gardai to offer information and to very strongly encourage them to investigate the death of Dolores Maxwell.


I was a neighbour of Cecil and Dolores Maxwell for over twenty three years.

I remember a visit to my parents in the mid 2000s and wanted to visit my old neighbours Cecil and Dolores, just to say hello and catch up. I met Cecil in the driveway and as I approached, he shot through into the garage and closed the door. I knocked on the door and explained who I was, I was on holidays and wanted to say hello. Cecil opened the door and he seemed terrified to even speak to me. We spoke for several minutes but he was ill at ease and very nervous.

That evening, early, I again (for the second time) knocked on the front door to say hello to Dolores and knowing there were people inside – I could hear people – no one answered the door. Dolores was known to very infrequently leave her home. Strange I thought?

I told my parents these details and was told all manner of horrors over many many years that they had withnessed which included serious assaults, violent verbal abuse and severe mental suffering – but unless Cecil or Dolores gave withness to these atrocities, there was NOTHING the Gardai WOULD do. The perpetrator of these atrocities as always was their youngest son. Both of my parents bore withness to events by this gutless thug and there was nowhere to go for help. My father told me he sought the advise and assistance of the police but to no avail. “It's a domestic matter” and unless Cecil or Dolores made the complaint themselves, no action would be taken. The Gardai, at this early stage knew what was happening here and did nothing!

Many other lifelong friends who I visited at this time and who lived locally and after relating just some of the above, all told me the same thing: “watch yourself – that guy is pure mad (youngest son), devious – rat cunning, a crazy loose cannon and knocks around with an evil crowd.”

My parents pleaded with me that on no terms was I to intervene. I was reminded that I lived in Australia and it was a long way back in case of an emergency.

I understand that all Gardai and that includes the police commissioner himself, have to swear an oath when becoming a Garda, part of which is as follows:

“I hereby solemnly and sincerely declare before God that – I will faithfully discharge the duties of a member of the Garda Síochána with fairness, integrity, regard for human rights, diligence and impartiality, upholding the Constitution and the laws and according equal respect to all people – “Except for Cecil and Dolores Maxwell it would seem?” – or does this oath simply not apply if the Elder Abused ones happened to have been murdered!

Either which way you look at this, for all intent and purposes, the Gardai in this case seriously failed in their duty of care but now have a marvellous oportunity to right a wrong, to step up to the plate and finally take pride in their solumn declaration before God and simply do the right thing and commence an immediate investigation into these and all related matters concerning this gutless thug.



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