Update 03 January 2012:

We are not changing the website today to reflect Ethan's name. There are an awful lot of things happening on several fronts at this time, generated by the plethora of information received in December, much of which needed our attention and was time sensitive. This information has been received from several sources including readers of this site. Thanks!

Our decision to stop using Ethan's pseodonymn remains. Somewhat surprisingly to us, we have had not one comment disagreeing with our decision. We will first integrate some of the new information we have received into exisiting pages, for example the Form 5 and Form 6 HSE Elder Abuse Representative Geoffrey Blair filled out concerning Dolores and disturbing things learned about Dolores' Enduring Power of Attorney. There is much, much more and we hope our readers will bear with us as we prioritise our efforts. The wheels of justice have definitely accelerated a bit recently.


02 December 2011

Well before the first page of this website was published, it was clear to us that horrible crimes against people and property have been perpetrated by the person we call Ethan Maxwell. We believe that the evidence overwhelmingly supports our view that Ethan's nature is akin to a serial predator. Like any predator, he seeks what he regards as easy targets: the young, the weak, the old and the unsuspecting. We have seen absolutely no contrary evidence to this, other than Ethan's own statements.

Since the inception of this site, the members of have been in receipt of more and more accounts of Ethan Maxwell's abusive and illegal behaviour from diverse sources. The list of victims, scams, forgeries, frauds, etc. continues to grow. It seems any person or other entity that Ethan Maxwell perceives can be threatened, tricked, blackmailed, or forced by other means to provide him with what he wants (mostly but not exclusively financially related), he will go after.

The reason we publish this site is found in the six purposes expressed in Why This Site.

We do not rely solely on this website to further those goals by any means. This website serves as one tool. The effectiveness and importance of this site varies considerably within each of those goals. We have not been idle in other areas. At this time several bodies are involved and active in various areas concerning Dolores' life and death. This of course deeply involves her youngest son Ethan Maxwell. The wheels of justice are turning, admittedly not nearly at the speed we would prefer. Even so, there is no guarantee that Ethan Maxwell will be held to account, or that his predatory ways will be forced to stop.

We have also received accounts from people who objected to Ethan Maxwell's attempts to victimise them. Like any predator, Ethan Maxwell prefers the easy prey. When resisted, as shown by these accounts, he runs away to seek more vulnerable targets.

Our fourth goal as seen on Why This Site is this:

“To have Ethan held accountable for his crimes against Dolores and others, and to protect current and future victims from him.”

Of these two, we consider the second the most important, and we have taken active steps to try to alert and protect those who might be at risk from Ethan Maxwell.

We think it is time to do more. Before this website started, we discussed whether or not to publish Ethan Maxwell's real name. That discussion continued as the list of Ethan Maxwell's victims grew, and as we have learned that several of Dolores' grandchildren have suffered from Ethan Maxwell's abuse, physically and otherwise. That is intolerable.

After much thought, discussion and consultation, we have unanimously come to the conclusion that in order to further our goal of protecting as many people as possible from Ethan Maxwell, the most effective and wide reaching thing within our power to do at this time is to strip away his pseudonym from this website. This will provide a way for any individual or body to access the information here concerning Ethan and what to expect in their dealings with him.

We will make this effective 03 January 2012, by 5pm EST, allowing one month from today's date for us to reflect further on this decision, and to consider comments from anyone with an interest in this.



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