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Elder Abuse Awareness Day

  Signs of Financial Elder Abuse:
  (Those in blue are signs identified in Dolores' case)

  • A person's possessions being sold or disappearing.
  • An unexplained inability to pay bills or a shortage in money.
  • Financial documents disappearing.
  • A withdrawal from family or friends and social network and seemingly self isolation.
  • A carer’s or family member’s lifestyle becoming enhanced.
  • Abrupt changes in a Will or financial documents.
  • Signatures on cheques etc., that do not resemble the adult at risk's signature, or signed when the adult at risk cannot write.
  • Sudden changes in bank accounts, including unexplained withdrawals of large sums of money.
  • The inclusion of additional names on an adult at risk's bank account.
  • Abrupt changes to, or the sudden establishment of, wills.
  • The sudden appearance of previously uninvolved relatives or other person(s) claiming their rights to an adult at risk's affairs or possessions.
  • The unexplained sudden transfer of assets to a family member or someone outside the family.
  • Numerous unpaid bills, or overdue rent, when someone else is supposed to be paying the bills.
  • Unusual concern by someone that an excessive amount of money is being expended on the care of the adult at risk.
  • Lack of amenities, such as TV, personal grooming items, appropriate clothing, that the adult at risk should be able to afford.
  • The unexplained disappearance of funds or valuable possessions such as art, silverware, or jewellery.
  • Deliberate isolation of an adult from friends and family, resulting in the caregiver alone having total control.

[Editor's note: Each of the above signs of financial Elder Abuse identified in Dolores' case are supported by one or more of the following: Documentation, recordings, witness accounts, and photographs. ]


Troubled by correspondence she received from solicitor/executor Joseph Bowe concerning her Mom's estate, and having no reply from the partners on foot of her first letter (other than an acknowledgement that the letter and attachments were received, and that a response would issue in “due course”), Saoirse was once again compelled to write a letter to each of Beauchamps' partners. Mr Bowe's correspondence is presented first; Saoirse's letter to the partners follows.

Bowe page 1

Bowe Page 2

Bowe Page 3

Bowe Page 4

We make note of Mr Bowe's letter to Sean Maxwell, where he states in item number 2:

“If you are concerned about the possibility or perception of a conflict of interest, would it not be preferable if I passed the paperwork to an independent firm of Accountants for a forensic analysis, as I had suggested in my e.mail of 12th June?”

That is not what Mr Bowe's “e.mail of 12th June” suggested. Far from it.

“I would have undertaken these investigations and I had it in mind to pass the work to an independent firm of Accountants who could have carried out a forensic analysis, if the information/documentation produced gave rise to legitimate concerns.”

No, Mr Bowe's 12 June statement would have him acting as gatekeeper, investigator and judge. Five beneficiaries (at least!) have called Mr Bowe to account for what they see as the obvious conflict of interest apparent in his dual roles of solicitor/executor of Dolores' estate and his representation of his client and co–executor Ethan. By Mr Bowe's own admission, the interests of his client Ethan Maxwell are in opposition to the interests of Dolores' beneficiaries. The two roles are incompatible by definition.

It seems unreasonable in our view for Mr Bowe to expect Dolores' beneficiaries not to object to this absurd situation that violates even the lowest expectation of professional service.

Dolores with grandchild


[Editor's note: The following letter to partner Bruno Herbots was randomly chosen to illustrate the letter sent to each of Beauchamps partners. But it is a very cool name, in our view. ]

Letter Page 1

Letter Page 2

Letter Page 3

Letter Page 4

Letter Page 5

Letter Page 6


Cecil Maxwell self-portrait Cecil Maxwell self-portrait Cecil Maxwell's self portraits showing black eye shortly before the sale of the family home and “gift” to his unemployed youngest son Ethan of a house in Finglas.


Maine Elder Abuse Awareness Poster


[Editor's note: John White responded to this second letter on behalf of the partners. Sort of.
See  John White's “Response”  As always, we seek and encourage anyone with knowledge of Dolores' life and/or the events presented here to contribute to this site. Memories, anecdotes, photos and documents are more than welcome. Clarification, correction and alternative views are encouraged and welcomed. Submissions ]


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