Joe: Onan is not entitled to any profit or payment for his role as executor, he is entitled to (Unintelligible) expenses…

Saoirse: Right

Joe: …for being executor. And he will probably put forward a bill for visits to this office when he has to sign papers…

Saoirse: Right

Joe: …but, it will be (Unintelligible). Rest assured he's not paid or received no profit for his executor role.

Saoirse: Now, on those, is there a way the rest of the family can get full disclosure?

Joe: Of course. But, (Unintelligible) there's a limit to what (Unintelligible) should be (Unintelligible)

Saoirse: Yeah

Joe: But you are a residual beneficiary in this estate, (Unintelligible), you will be given an account from Beauchamps that I prepare, showing this is what we started with, this is what we paid out, this is what we collected in, this is what we got left, this is how it (Unintelligible) out. You and all your siblings have to approve that.

Saoirse: Ok

Joe: Now if you (Unintelligible)

Saoirse: Yeah

Joe: I'm sorry, would you really want to go and get all that, now I'll give them to you…

Saoirse: Yeah

Joe: …because if Onan says he's out 500 euro and he vouched for it all, that's what he'd be paid…

Saoirse: Yes

Joe: …but I mean, you know, I think you could be probably looking for that level of detail, like a (Unintelligible) I should say it…

Saoirse: Yeah

Joe: …(Unintelligible) allow the executors to have some common sense in this, when I say executors, I mean John Cunningham and myself…

Saoirse: But both of you (Unintelligible)

Joe: Yeah. You have the right to approve the account; you won't sign off on this administration until you're happy, after everyone's been paid, correctly, and not (Unintelligible)

Saoirse: Yeah, yeah

Joe: (Unintelligible) you're entitled to it!

Saoirse: Well, and you'll keep an eye on his expenses as…

Joe: Rest assured! (Unintelligible) because I don't want someone coming back to me and saying it shouldn't be done.

Saoirse: Yeah, only because, again, of Uncle Paddy's and the…

Joe: I know that. Yeah, I understand. I think things might be slightly different this time, because it's a different set of beneficiaries, I mean you will be approving the accounts before we (Unintelligible)

Saoirse: Before. OK, ok.

Saoirse: So, full disclosure.

Joe: Yes

Saoirse: Now, what are Beauchamps' rates?

Joe: Yeah. Well, I'm too cheap for starters, that's a fact. The fee for this will be…