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Dolores' Grave Update, PART 2

As part of probating a will in Ireland, a sworn statement is required to be provided by the Executors of the estate to the Probate Office, which is then forwarded to Revenue. Called the Inland Revenue Affidavit (Form CA24), it details the assets and liabilities of the deceased's estate at the time of death. It also includes the funeral and burial expenses paid out by the estate.

To understate things, the Affidavit sworn by the three Executors of Dolores' estate is curious. It was signed on 30 March 2011 by Ethan Maxwell, Damian Brass and Langdon Jaggers. There are a couple of stipulations for the Executors swearing this Affidavit to consider before signing it:

Warning from the Inland Revenue Affidavit

Warning from the Inland Revenue Affidavit

The three Executors of Dolores' estate blatantly ignored these cautions. Important items are omitted (items that the Executors know about beyond any doubt whatsoever) in some places, and unverifed false items are entered in others. These are also items that the Executors beyond any doubt would know to be false. Although there are several false items and omissions in this Affidavit (sworn under the penalty of perjury), we will look at but one of these items here.

The Inland Revenue Affadavit is organised into eight parts. Part 4 begins like this:

Inland Revenue Affidavit, Part 4


Part 4, Section 11 is where we will focus. First, a blank Section 11:

CA 24, Part 4, section 11

It is a simple accounting of all debts payable by the deceased's estate. Let's see how the three Executors of Dolores' estate, Ethan Maxwell, Damian Brass and Langdon Jaggers handled Section 11:

Section 11 Expenses

Harrison Burnell is a monument company that started just about the time Deansgrange Cemetery opened 140 years ago. They are located across the street from the cemetery, and just road down the road from the former Maxwell family home.

It seems extremely odd that a headstone was erected by RM Stoneworks, aka “Alpine Memorials” in April of 2010, and yet here is a charge for a headstone by Harrison Burnell after Dolores' death. A charge approved by all three Executors. A charge that appears to have been paid out. Very odd indeed. Jaggers and Brass were informed in July 2010 that a headstone had been erected, and of a certainty Ethan knew it had been erected and had profited from the whole episode. So how to explain this charge?

Now, Harrison Burnell has a good reputation, and we will state that we think Harrison Burnell has nothing at all to do with this fradulent charge against Dolores' estate. Of course, members of have contacted Harrison Burnell. An email to them was sent on 14 December 2011:

Dear Harrison Burnell,

I originally sent this email (twice) to the email address on your website: Creditors and Debtors inquiries:

It was returned both times, so if you would forward this to the appropriate person, I would be grateful.

Dolores Maxwell died in late November of last year. Sometime prior to 22 July, 2010 she had a headstone put in place by you on her grave plot which is in Deansgrange Cemetery, St. Mary's section, plot 67B2.

I trust she paid for this headstone at the time. The Executors of her estate have recently informed me of a charge for a headstone for this same plot in the sum of €3,300.

Dolores was buried on December 3, 2010, after that large snowstorm earlier in the week. At the time of burial the headstone had obviously been there for some time and engraved with the names of her child Cecil Anthony Maxwell and her husband Cecil Norman Maxwell.

Can you give any clarity to this? Did Dolores pay for the headstone on her plot? Is the charge for €3,300 for a headstone on another plot? (She did own the one next to her, also.)

Kind regards,

The kind people at Harrison Burnell responded a few days later on 19 December. Not only had they checked their records, they walked over to inspect Dolores' gravesite firsthand:


Thank you for your e mail of the 14th Dec. Today I inspected th site at 67 B2 St Marys. The black granite headstone and kerbs with 2 no names was not erected by our Company.

I suspect the recent correspondence received by you refers to our quotation issued to Mr Ethan Maxwell on the 10th May 2011. This was for additional work to the headstone to put Dolores Maxwells name date of death etc and age. The quote also included for to cover over the entire top of the plot with a 2" black tomb cover. This work as yet has not been carried out by us or others.

I trust this clarifies the matter.



Harrison Burnell is very clear that they have done no work on Dolores' plot. In a subsequent interview they definitively and categorically stated not only have they never done work on the plot, they have not agreed to do work, have not been asked or contracted to do work, and have never submitted an invoice of any kind for anything whatsoever to either Dolores, her Estate, her solicitors, or Executors.

It comes as no surprise that Ethan is referred to in this matter. Harrison Burnell stated that when Ethan was contacted by them on foot of our email, he became very upset and loud, telling them to “contact my solicitor.” We believe it. He responded in the same manner to calls from Elder Abuse and the Public Health Nurse. He really doesn't like to be asked questions.

We note that the quote provided to him by Harrison Burnell was not for a headstone, but for additional work. This quote was issued to him on May 15, 2011, which was after the Inland Revenue Affidavit was signed, and a Grant of Probate applied for. In a subsequent interview, Harrison Burnell related that Ethan was insistent that the quote be delivered by this date, as if there were a deadline he was facing. Ethan may have used this quote to fraudently charge Dolores' estate yet again. Or he may have merely used it to “prove” the first charge. Or both. Ethan of course has a history of using letterheads of both real and imagined companies to drive his scams.

Our best guess at this time is that when the Revenue Form was being filled out, Ethan informed his co-Executors Damian Brass and Langdon Jaggers that Harrison Burnell erected a headstone and that Ethan had paid for it out of pocket. He may have produced a “receipt” at that time, or waited until he received the quote from Harrison Burnell. It is our belief that Jaggers and Brass duly paid Ethan €3,300. We deem it very likely Ethan attempted to realise another windfall of €3,500 in the same way.

This wouldn't have come as any surprise to Jaggers and Brass. They had been cautioned by several of Dolores' children after her death concerning the absolute neccessity of checking every receipt, every document, everything regarding the administration of the estate because of Ethan's role as co-Executor. They were also warned (and agreed) that Ethan would seek to continue the plundering of Dolores' assets.

Jaggers and Brass were notified of this blatant fraud on 09 January 2012 in a letter from Saoirse. The reader would likely think that they would be mortified, and would immediately take action to recover funds and protect Dolores' estate. The reader would be wrong. Recall Damian Brass' last quote at the top of this page:

I do not intend responding to any further correspondence from you.

That was his response to the obvious fraud committed against the estate that Dolores trusted him to administer.

Damian Brass has recently admitted that he has been and is still currently acting for Ethan as his solicitor. If Brass were to take action to rectify this fraud, it would expose his client to legal action, prosecution, and financial loss. If Brass does nothing, he exposes Dolores' estate and her nine residual beneficiaries to financial loss. A classic and explicit conflict of interest, despite all of Damian Brass' denials to the contrary.

There are other obvious deficiencies in this Inland Revenue Affidavit (which are beyond the scope of this page). Given the nature of these deficiencies, we think it safe to assume that all three Executors made conscious decisions to provide false information to Revenue.Revenue These items run into several hundred thousand euros. We trust that Ethan, Damian Brass and Langdon Jaggers in the near future will not have the luxury of refusing to respond to Revenue and other authorities about these matters.


Alpine Memorials

The “Alpine Memorials” plaque is no longer on Dolores' headstone. This picture was taken Friday, 06 January 2012 at about 2:30pm. Damian Brass was notified of the fraudulent charges against Dolores' estate concerning her headstone on Monday, 09 January at 10:05am.

By Tuesday afternoon the plaque had been removed, presumably by Ethan and/or Rory Mulhall. Curious.

Ethan and Rory Mulhall are more than casual aquaintances who share a mutual proclivity for victimising Dolores. Records in our possession suggest a long relationship between the two. It also appears from these records that Ethan could often be found hanging out at Mr Mulhall's house.

It is believed that Rory Mulhall's place was the destination Ethan took Dolores to in the late night of 03 December 2009. See A Simple Plan, Part 3. It is also believed that Mr Mulhall was the person Ethan called at 12:18am the morning of 26 September 2010 as he was pacing back and forth in Dolores' bedroom in Rosslare. See An Open Letter to the Coroner for more detail.

As we investigate things further, it becomes clear that Rory Mulhall and Ethan share a lot of things in common. We also think it is prudent to offer a simple warning for anyone who may be looking to rent a flat in Glencullen. You would be advised not to rent it from a certain stonemason who recently turned forty. Be prepared to go to the Private Residential Tenacies Board to get your deposit back. The Decision of the PRTB.


[Editor's note: As always, we seek and encourage anyone with knowledge of Dolores' life and/or the events presented here to contribute to this site. Memories, anecdotes, photos and documents are more than welcome. Clarification, correction and alternative views are encouraged and welcomed. Submissions ]

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