Recollections By Your Graveside

Saoirse Maxwell

Down Anglesea Road the roses are blooming.
Blood red, lipstick pink and Easter yellow.
There's no dying clutch of stem or thorn.
These Dublin roses are here to stay.
Maybe even through the winter.
But the birch trees along Baggot Street
are dragging barren.
The lower leaves foliage.
Maple red.
Yellow faded edges in the late-November drizzle.
The heady rose scent soothes me, as I bend the stem down.
Cushioned in the drizzle coated softness.
Hubby and I breathe deep the wet white petals.
Enjoying our alone time.
Memories of you.
Our chance to mourn as son-in-law and daughter.
Combined loss, horror and injustices have filled this past year.
Still we heal with each step forward.
Your daily legacy.
I trickle hello with the wet clay between fingertips.
The trees they sift, raindrop and bird song.
I know you hear me Mom.
Hear this.
Your voice will ring out.
Battered woman.
You speak in the wind.
Smile in the rain.
Sashay through flower-filled skies
where you be - Now.
Radiant joy.
Peace of soul.
Home at last.


World Elder Abuse Awareness Day UN Declaration of Human Rights European Year for Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity Towards a Society for All Ages