[Editor's note: We will not publish the complete Inland Revenue Affidavit at this time, given the amount of private information it contains concerning Dolores' children (including Ethan). We have touched on certain aspects of it in the Dolores' Grave series.

Damian Brass in his Responding Affidavit mentions Dolores' house. At the time of this writing (July 2012) Dolores' house has been on the market for well over a year. For a time, Damian Brass was keeping the beneficiaries informed of the offers on Dolores' house. The first offer was withdrawn when the potential purchaser could not get a mortgage. And so with the second.

The third potential sale was a cash offer in November of 2011, and according to Damian it was essential to move quickly. He sought the views of the beneficiaries. At least three of Dolores' children who are beneficiaries immediately raised concerns with Damian about any connection the purchaser might have with Ethan, and sought assurance that there was no connection with him. There was concern because this offer came almost immediately after Ethan's residence in Bray was listed as “Sale Agreed.” See Doing a Runner?

Although Damian Brass was unable to provide that assurance, he instructed the Estate Agent to go ahead with the sale. At this point, Damian Brass stopped updating the beneficiaries (as far as we can tell) about the sale of Dolores' house. Nothing more was heard about this urgent “cash purchaser.”

Seven months later, in an interesting coincidence, the day after the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal issued its decision of “no misconduct,” Dolores' house was listed as “Sale Agreed.”

Curious. ]