From: “conormaxwell”
Sent: Friday, September 24, 2010 1:25 PM
Subject: Re: Your email

I made arrangements with Ronan to visit her. First time he said on the day, I checked before driving all the way to rosslate that all was ok, that she was in Wexford so was not available. so I tried again the following week, then he said she was in dublin. Then contradicted himself and said last time she was in dublin.

So I got completely fed up and drove down from Dublin to see if I could catch them on the hop. It is very obvious that we are being prevented from seeing her. I cannot say definitely who but from past history all I can assume is that it is Ethan. I saw Ronan cycling to her house as we were driving to it past the local shop.

I pulled in the driveway behind him. He was very surprised to see me my wife and the kids. Ronan stood two inches from my wife's side of the car and was attempting to stop her from getting out of the car. I got out and we chatted. That was it.

But he was acting very guilty like he had been completely caught out. I fear that dolors was in the house but is now unable to move unaided. There was no way he was going to let us in the house to see her. I went back a couple of hours later to see what the story was and he was still there so I dont believe he was doing anything other than visiting her.

My wife and the kids all witnessed what happened ie nothing.

Very odd. It feels like she is under house arrest and is only allowed to see anyone if Ronan or Ethan agree beforehand.

I am going to complain to the Gardai. I am absolutely horified over what is going on here.

Why is it that there is nothing we can do to stop this?