Saoirse Maxwell
Address Redacted, Co. Galway
Phone Number Redacted
MOB: Redacted

June 29, 2011

Mr. Damian Brass
Jaggers and Brass Solicitors
[Address Redacted]
[Address Redacted]
Dublin 2

RE: Your ref: Redacted


I have requested itemised phone records for Mom's Eircom account:[Account Number Redacted] for two phone lines at mom's house and which is now closed. It's expected to take about five days.

Eircom will only post it to Mom's address. I'm hoping you might please consider sending the Rosslare Strand Post Office a request to have them intercept the Eircom post and post it to me instead. Being itemised from Aug. 2009, it should be a somewhat large envelope. I'd be happy to reimburse whomever for it and would rather Ethan did not have sight or possession of it.
Many thanks.