To: "Damian Brass"
Sent: Friday, 17 June 2011 15:03:17 PM
Subject: Dolores Maxwell

June 17, 2011

Your ref: Redacted

Hi Damian:

Hope your holiday went well and you got the weather for it.

Many thanks for your letter of June 16, 2011. I appreciate your asking formally about items left to me. As previously mentioned, I have no interest in the contents of mom's house. I am sorry that her needlework won't make it to her daughters, or other items to her grandchildren, for all to remember her by as she wished. But then this Will is Ethan's voice, not Mom's. She would never have divided her children as this Will does in items. I refuse to expose or demean myself or to tarnish Mom's memory in what Ethan in ‘absolute discretion should decide.’ He can do what he wants with the contents. I have my memories. I will continue to fight to justice for Mom, however long it takes for her voice to be heard.

Many of mom's things were destroyed – as in skipped by Ethan in the hours before her hospital admission – or removed from her house before she died. Is there anything we can or should do about this?

Will the fact that the Coroner's Office hasn't yet issued its report or, had an inquest yet, have any bearing on further probate proceedings?

Now that probate has issued we can finally obtain Mom's financial and other records that were not available until now. I would like this to proceed immediately. Can you please give me an overview of the process involved? I would of course like to have sight of these records and am eager to help you in any way regarding them. I am seeking Mom's records for the past 7 years. I know it's lengthy but I believe it'll reveal the changes in mom's accounts from Dublin to Rosslare. Perhaps it'll also disclose why there were so few financial records located in Mom's home. It may also explain the charred remains of bank statements found in mom's fireplace, and those dumped in her rubbish.

Obtaining mom's landline, mobile phone and ESB records, for the last five years would also be important. Can you request that? I can provide some of the phone numbers. However, I don't have the three for the new ones Mom was allegedly provided with by Ethan following Christmas 2009.

It's interesting to note that Mr Taxi Driver, Mom's neighbour and witness to her current Will, stated on April 11, 2011 he had neither signed it nor seen it. It became even more interesting two hours later, when his wife (the other witness to Mom's will) directly contradicted him.

Mr Taxi Driver also confirmed he never wrote the taxi receipt Ethan sent to the HSE, which I already knew.

And regarding how “mom loved to come to Bray” – (Ethan's letter to you Oct. 16, 2010) and the fact Ethan's “neighbours are very found (sic) of her and drank tea and had great chats with her.” As recently as this week, those across and down the street from Ethan had never met nor ever seen Mom. Allowing Mom such a social life was not in Ethan's nature.

I await your response.

Many thanks Damian.