To: "Damian Brass"
Sent: Friday, 08 December, 2010 00:41:53 PM
Subject: Dolores Maxwell


A couple of things come to mind re: accounts etc. for mom.

Mom's VHI Insurance should be cancelled. I would imagine that would be effective upon her date of death and am not sure whether they would reimburse the estate for the month of December? Previous policy number in 2008 was 0000676364. Mom's card (date of issue 01/02/08) notes policy number is 2776791. Plan B.

I outline the following bank account information we've located at the house but I suspect there are likely more in existence. The entire house has been cleansed, including new paint and plaster job which makes one wonder a lot. Both Nathaniel and I found burned bank statements in the fireplace and I found pieces of torn up ones in the rubbish bin, this following rubbish pick ups. Would a search using Mom's PPS Number help to locate any that might be missing? Likewise, there may be some remaining in dad's name because many of us found it strange there was no communication following his death in 2008. Again, a search using his PPS number might reveal something there.

Bank accounts:

A Bank of Ireland Statement dated 31 July 2009 (Dolores and Cecil Maxwell, Acc: 73347945. Sort code: 90-11-83) notes three hefty cheques withdrawn from mom's account in Kill of the Grange.

Cheque no: 170 in the amount of 50,000 EURO - April 16, 2009
Cheque no: 169 in the amount of 1,000 EURO - April 8, 2009
Cheque no: 171 in the amount of 5,000 EURO - April 16, 2009

The balance remaining in this account, Mom's and Dad's, as of Jul 31, 2009 was 11,145.32. Who were the cheques made out to and where did they go? What's with a credit transfer of 10,000 Euro on the same account? Where did that come from and where did it eventually end up? Have the funds being transferred to an account that has different signing mandates, ie: joint accounts?

All of mom's bank, post office and other accounts need to be looked into to verify unusual spending, withdrawals, deposits and what type of signing mandates are in place with each. Mom was absolutely not a big spender yet withdrawal slips of 300EU and 400EU, minimum seem to occur a lot. There's a receipt of cookware from earlier this year and no sign of the cookware. Same thing for what appears to be a brand new washer but no washer at the house. Also, there's the remains of an envelope from Opel Ireland Ltd. Box 11750, D 18, that makes us wonder if mom wasn't being bullied into purchasing another new car in the weeks even days before her hospital admission.

These are the accounts I've been able to find based on various paperwork around the house. Current statements for ESB, Eircom and bank affairs seem to be missing so they'll have to be requested from each agency over the last five years. Also, nothing re: Revenue.

Ulster Bank - Account: 10168571 Branch Sort Code: 986440
Ulster Bank - Mastercard - 5434 7220 1289 9880. Mrs. Dolores Maxwell. Valid: 6/08-6/11
Dad had an account in Ulster Bank, Baggot St., Dublin. Is this still open or when was it closed? Where did those funds go?

Bank of Ireland - Kill o The Grange Dublin - Current Acc: 73347945 in the name of Dolores Maxwell, Cecil Maxwell.

Allied Irish Bank - Ballsbridge - 11519035 - Sort code: 931365. Balance 45,688.33EU. In the name of Dolores Maxwell.

AIB Wexford Lodgement No: 277175 made May 28, 2010 of 5,000EU to 07274025. Whose account is this? Where did money come from or go to?

An Post, Savings Certificate 2308991691, projected maturity date 07/04/2011 of 139,200.00EU. Will forward copy of same to you Joe.

Thanks again