1. Transcript of phone call
  2. Audio File: 24_06_2011_Phone_Call_with_Bowe_Audio.wav
  3. 24 June, 2011
  4. Joe Bowe
  5. Saoirse Maxwell
  6. Joe has returned Saoirse's call to his voicemail
  1. Saoirse: Um, then the other thing is, um, what now happens in reference to
  2. getting financial records?
  3. Joe: Yeah, well I'm collecting the funds first…
  4. Saoirse: OK
  5. Joe: …now we have some of the money in, but, all of the money in…
  6. Saoirse: Yeah, yeah.
  7. Joe: …and, ah, we have for example, the AIB money is in, we don't have the prize
  8. bond in, not that that's a huge amount, and I don't have the Ulster Bank
  9. money in…
  10. Saoirse: OK
  11. Joe: …and one of the reasons for that is a bit stupid, the Savings Certificate that
  12. your mother had is still down in Ulster Bank in Wexford and I am just so fed
  13. up with ringing the guy Kevin in Ulster Bank, Dillon…
  14. Saoirse: Yeah, yeah
  15. Joe: …that's his name, Kevin Dillon, and Ulster Bank won't close off the account
  16. until the items are taken up from safekeeping, but he won't ring me back. So,
  17. when I'm going down to the house I'm going to call into him in the bank…
  18. Saoirse: Yeah, yeah
  19. Joe: …and just call in and collect it. So I don't really want to start going over bank
  20. statements and things until I…
  21. Saoirse: Yeah, until you have…
  22. Joe: …closed the accounts.
  23. Saoirse: Yeah, yeah
  24. Joe: So that's where we are with that.
  25. Saoirse: OK. And then can the same thing be done with her land line and mobile
  26. phone and then the…
  27. Joe: Well, now, on that point, ah, I have no problem with anyone doing that, but I
  28. don't think that will be part of the Executor's job, or part of the
  29. administration of the estate.
  30. Saoirse: OK. Can you be requested to do that though, or…
  31. Joe: But I can…
  32. Saoirse: …and charge for it?
  33. Joe: Well no, well, see, the job of the Executor will be to basically collect in the
  34. assets, pay the bills and distribute the funds to the parties properly entitled.
  35. Now, um, if there's going to be spent and time spent going through
  36. telephone accounts or whatever, that's going to be timely and costly.
  37. Saoirse: Right
  38. Joe: And it certainly wouldn't form part of the general administration work.
  39. Saoirse: Right. That's understandable. Is, is there a way that you could work up
  40. something to say…
  41. Joe: Well, see, I mean, I don't want to sound like I only considered this, but, what I
  42. would have thought, I mean, I don't have a problem, and John Cunningham won't
  43. have a problem, and of course I haven't even thought about Onan, but, we wouldn't
  44. have any problem giving any letter of authority to anybody, saying, this is, you, you
  45. have our full authority to do this.