1. Transcript of meeting at Beauchamps Solicitors
  2. Audio File: 01_02_2011_Meeting_with_Bowe.wav
  3. 01 February, 2011
  4. Joe Bowe/li>
  5. Saoirse Maxwell


  1. Joe: I think it will say is that this will is valid, and personally, I think the will is
  2. valid, it might be almost a favour that Onan took himself out of it, you know…
  3. Saoirse: Yeah
  4. Joe: …I mean I don't know, but I think we'll end up getting a Grant of Probate,
  5. because that will allow us access…
  6. Saoirse: To much more
  7. Joe: …to information that we currently don't have. So if you said to me, I want all
  8. the bank statements, or all the credit card statements, I'll get you all the
  9. credit card statements, to be (Unintelligible)
  10. Saoirse: Yeah
  11. Joe: (Unintelligible) John and I (alone?) know what to do, and we'll make sure
  12. Onan does, we'll consent on behalf of the executors, on the Grant of Probate
  13. allowing Saoirse, you know, get all this information. I'm not saying it's
  14. (Unintelligible nothing? something?) (you? new?) but…
  15. Saoirse: Right…
  16. Joe…I will facilitate you 100 per cent.