1. Transcript of meeting at Beauchamps Solicitors
  2. Audio File: 01_02_2011_Meeting_with_Bowe.wav
  3. 01 February, 2011
  4. Joe Bowe
  5. Saoirse Maxwell


  1. Joe: …on that figure. The thing I don't have in this is, to get back to the credit
  2. card, I, it's much easier for me to get a grant of probate, they might do Ulster
  3. Bank, I think it's Visa or something like that,
  4. Saoirse: Mastercard
  5. Joe: Mastercard, and I'll say to them, here's the Grant of Probate, I need the
  6. statements going back, you know,
  7. Saoirse: Gotcha
  8. Joe: …whatever, but at the moment, I'm only the executor, I'm not issuing,
  9. there's no (Unintelligible) so, (Unintelligible)