1. Transcript of Meeting at Wexford General Hospital
  2. Audio File: 04_11_2010_Meeting _At_Wexford_General_Audio.WAV
  3. 04 November, 2010
  4. Joe Bowe
  5. Saoirse Maxwell
  6. Nathaniel Maxwell
  7. Carsten Kohl (HSE Elder Abuse Services Senior Case Worker)


  1. Joe: Yes, but, but, once again, we can look at those things after…
  2. Saoirse: Yes, yes.
  3. Joe: (Unintelligible) the administration, there's lots of issues…
  4. Saoirse: Yeah, yeah.
  5. Joe: …and I'm sure…
  6. Saoirse: Yeah, yeah
  7. Joe: …there's ten more that haven't even been thought about…
  8. Saoirse: Yeah, yeah.
  9. Joe: …which will come to light…
  10. Saoirse: Yeah
  11. Joe: …when we get access to all her affairs.