1. Transcript of Meeting at Wexford General Hospital
  2. Audio File: 04_11_2010_Meeting _At_Wexford_General_Audio.WAV
  3. 04 November, 2010
  4. Joe Bowe
  5. Saoirse Maxwell
  6. Nathaniel Maxwell
  7. Carsten Kohl (HSE Elder Abuse Services Senior Case Worker)


  1. Joe: I mean, I know I did act for Onan in the past, you know, you know that
  2. because I did act for him when he bought a house.
  3. Saoirse: OK
  4. Joe: I did do that. But your mother was the first client and your father was before
  5. him, so…
  6. Saoirse: Yes, yeah.
  7. Joe: …and if I'm going to have to decide who I'm acting for, it's your mother,
  8. sorry, not…
  9. Saoirse: Yes. Yeah
  10. Joe: …Onan, that's out.
  11. Saoirse: Yeah.
  12. Joe: …But I mean, we can pursue all those things afterwards and we…
  13. Saoirse: Right
  14. Joe: …can get copies of the bank statements, and we can try to recover it, and you
  15. know, being logical about it, if Onan has taken money that he shouldn't have
  16. taken, I mean, Onan does own a house..
  17. Saoirse: Yes. Yeah
  18. (Unintelligible)
  19. Joe: …so I mean there are assets there to meet any claims you want to make against
  20. him…
  21. Saoirse: Right
  22. Joe: …but that can be dealt with later, but unfortunately, like, until we actually
  23. manage to get access to your mother's accounts and affairs, we can't do very
  24. much…