Saoirse Maxwell
[Address Redacted], Co. Galway
[Phone Number Redacted]

January 10, 2010 Mr. Damian Brass
Jaggers and Brass Solicitors
[Address Redacted]
[Address Redacted]
Dublin 2

Re: Your ref: [Redacted]
Dolores Maxwell
Dear Mr. Brass:

Thank you for your letter dated January 4, 2010, concerning the Enduring Power of Attorney my mother completed. I am however curious who is appointed to act as her attorney in the event it is ever necessary? It is not stated in your letter. It appears at this point this letter was only sent to my brother Nathaniel and I. Surely this should be sent to all 10 of my mother's children as she indicated to me on January 4? In addition, you note you ‘think’ I ‘am aware’ of your representation of my mother for several years. I'm terribly sorry but I have no idea who you are or your relationship with my mother, father or anyone else.

I have no doubts whatsoever that my mother is fully capable of minding her own affairs. Her mind is as sharp as ever, thankfully, and it is my firm wish that she have the freedom to live her life in whatever manner she chooses.

However, since returning to Ireland in April 2008, I have become very much concerned that my mother is being prevented from living her life freely, to the detriment of her health and safety.

On December 4, being repeatedly unable to reach my mother through either her landline or mobile, and having checked with my brothers and sisters and finding they were also unable to reach her, I went to her home in Rosslare to make sure she was Ok. When I arrived she seemed glad to see me and we had a wonderful chat over tea. Shortly thereafter, my youngest brother Ethan burst in and there ensued a bewildering display of bullying and erratic behaviour from him. There is no point to relate how he treated me, but concerning my mother, I will say a few things.

Ethan was in such a rush to get my mother away from me, he threw the door open to the ‘below zero weather’ and proceeded to bully my mother verbally, grab her bags and push her out the door and into his car.

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He forced her outside without a coat and she and I had to remind him she needed it on. He bundled her into the coat without any concern for her arthritic shoulders and body. He also denied her access to her medicine, telling her she could get it in Bray. He physically prevented her from trying to get into the back seat of the car, forcing her to sit in the front with him against her express wishes.

This was but one incident, and I am understating it quite a bit. There are many, many more. A lengthy history exists of Ethan physically and emotionally abusing both my father and mother and controlling access to them. This history includes broken bones, bruises and other irrational violence committed by Ethan, even to the point of Ethan punching my sister in the stomach when she was pregnant. His influence has extended to the point of forging my father's signature on papers, I believe, and threatening other brothers and sisters at their places of employment. My father – with the help of Nathaniel – tried to take a barring/protection order out against Ethan while he was living in Spain some years ago. It never materialised and Ethan returned to Ireland. Once again, please understand I am understating both the breadth and depth of this problem.

After the incident on December 4, having witnessed firsthand the inexplicable and violent nature of Ethan's temper towards my mother, I have been/am in contact with her priest, doctor, the Wexford, Rosslare and Bray gradai and the HSE Elder Abuse representative for my mother's area.

A meeting with the family over Christmas was also thwarted. Although Ethan would not allow our mother to see us at his house where she was staying and would not allow any family member to pick her up there, it was prearranged that she would be picked up by a non-family member on December 27 in Bray. She was then to meet Alex and his family who were visiting from [Redacted] as well as Sean, Nathaniel, myself and the various grandchildren and spouses. The meeting was prearranged between Alex and my mom and we all planned to spend some time with her. Unfortunately, Ethan did not allow this to transpire and took my mother elsewhere in his car. After first trying to explain it away as a mix up, mom later admitted Ethan had prevented her from going. Ronan who was in the car and staying at Ethan's also confirmed the same. It has been over two years now that Ethan has not allowed my mother to see Alex and his family.

It is my belief that my mother instructed you to send this letter at Ethan's insistence. I sincerely hope that it was not Ethan who contacted you to send this letter. It would be a serious disservice to my mother to act under anything other than direct instructions from her solely. I look forward to your response to my two questions as I continue to ensure my mother's safety and wellbeing come first.

Many thanks for your time.


Saoirse Maxwell