Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 11:56:58
To: Sean; Nathaniel; Alex
Subject: Registered Letter

Hi All

Just received a registered letter from Brass and Jaggers Solicitors in Dublin advising me Mom had her own attorney etc. and she's not mentally incompetent which I've never said she was. the letter is supposedly sent at her request. I'm still digging.

But, I've a question. What's Ethan's middle initial?


From: Nathaniel Maxwell">
To: "Maxwell Saoirse", Sean; Alex
Sent: Tuesday, 5 January, 2010 12:31:16 PM
Subject: Re: Registered Letter


I missed my post this morning and there was a note for a Registered Letter! The address though was not the one Mam uses. I wonder.

What was registered number on your one? If you search look for the one immediately before and after the one you got. It will tell you where sent from and to.