By e.mail:
Ms Saoirse Maxwell



04 July 2011                                     Our Ref   Redacted                      Your Ref:


Your late mother

Dear Saoirse

Thank you for your e.mail of 29th June.   By coincidence, I was in your mother’s house on the very same date.    I had to call to the Ulster Bank in Wexford to collect the item held in safekeeping – they flatly refused to send it to me by registered post.   Being so near to Rosslare, I thought it better to call in and check the house as well.

Quite an amount of post had accumulated (which the Estate Agent had put to one side).    Since there is likely to be a little more (despite my best endeavours), I have now organised a redirection of mail to this office.   Presumably, the eircom phone records will arrive here in due course.   

One could argue that the phone records are “assets” in your mother's estate and should therefore not be released to any party without the permission of the Executors, including Ethan.   I have discussed the matter here with my co-executor, Langdon Jaggers, and we both agreed to give it some further thought. 

Incidentally, I removed a number of items from the house which some of your siblings had requested (over and above what they were left in the Will).    It really is a shame that the family did not involve themselves in the house clearance.

Yours sincerely,

Damian Brass
Jaggers and Brass
“Damian Brass”