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Re: Visit by officer from Bray Garda Station

With regard to a visit to my home at [address redacted], Bray, at approx. 1:00am today, 04.12.09, I wish to express the following.

On 03.12.09, my mother Dolores Maxwell booked a taxi in [location redacted] to take to take her to the local train station, from where she was to take the train at 18:00 to Bray. I was to collect her from Bray station at 20:05.

At about 18:15 on 03.12.09, my mother telephoned me to say that my sister Saoirse had arrived to my mother's home at about 16:00. My mother found herself in a difficult situation and did not say to my sister that she had arranged to travel to Bray. However, my mother cancelled the taxi booking.

I was concerned for my mother, as for some time she had feared Saoirse at her home looking for money, as she has employment financial. My mother feels that she can't help her financially as she, my mother, has to be cautious at this stage of her life and at the same time does not want her children to have a financial dependence on her. She has 10 children.

During conversations with my mother after being told that Saoirse was at her home, I expressed that I would drive down to Rosslare and drive my mother back to Bray with me. She was happy to come to Bray, as she often does.

On arriving to my mother's home, [address redacted], I apologised to my mother for the delay in arriving and expressed that we would need to leave soon as the temperature was low and I was concerned about icy roads on the return journey.

When I arrived, my mother expressed that she had an appointment with a Doctor early today. My sister continuously questioned her about the appointment and insisted on accompanying my mother to the Doctor. My mother explained that she did not need anyone to accompany her to the Doctor. Saoirse, during my time at my mother's house interrogated my mother regarding the alleged appointment.

My mother at no stage has really ever had anyone go to the Doctor with her. She's a very independent woman. I went only once with her to her GP when her arthritis was severe and there was the suggestion of possible hip replacement.operation.

My mother likes to make her own decisions and if ever she is not capable of doing such, has advised her solicitor and completed the requisite terms for a non-family member independent person(s) to act on her behalf if she ever became mentally incapable.

After much tension at my mother's home, I stated clearly to Saoirse that she was not to enter my car. She disregarded my request and in response I threatened to call the Gardai if she did not stop trying to enter my car. At this point she telephoned the Gardai. Between one thing and another and having explained to Saoirse that she would not be coming to Bray, as I stated that I had lodgers at home and there was no room for her.

Apart from what I saw as badgering of my mother by my sister, no consideration was given to my authority over my car or my home. I find it disgusting to have to resort to threatening my sister with calling the Gardai for not respecting my wishes regarding my property, car, and home. Saoirse during her emergency call attempted to humiliate and slander me merely because I stood my ground with regard to my mother's decision-making and my property.

During the visit to my home from your officer, both my mother and I explained our concerns regarding my sister. My mother happily comes to Bray, she selectively answers her telephone, as it is her prerogative and, like me, does not appreciate being pushed and bullied by Saoirse.

I request that your officers caution Saoirse with regard to my entitlement to deny her access to my car or home. Should such a situation recur I will capture the event on my mobile and seek prosecution for trespass or otherwise. I specifically do not permit her to enter my car at any stage nor to pass over the threshold of my home. I want my authority over my property to be respected.

I would be obliged if you would fax this letter to your colleagues at Wexford Garda Station for addressing with urgency. For your won information, I never answer calls from withheld numbers.

Regards, (Ethan's signature)

Ethan Maxwell

I am of the opinion that the above accurately reflects the events at my home yesterday and at Ethan's today 04.12.09

(Signature illegible)

Mrs.Dolores Maxwell