About two months after Dolores died, Saoirse made the trip to Dublin to the offices of Jaggers and Brass Solicitors to meet with Dolores' solicitor, Damian Brass. Damian Brass was appointed Executor of Dolores' estate in the will dated 04 June 2009 ,along with Langdon Jaggers and Ethan Maxwell.

Saoirse met with Damian Brass to better understand the probate process, but more importantly to give him a large file containing a wide variety of documentation concerning Ethan's abuse and isolation of Dolores. The file also contained documentation of various scams, forgeries, aliases and threats Ethan had been involved in.

Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin. Licenced under the CreativeCommons

Saoirse's level of trust in Damian was extremely high, irregardless of warnings from her siblings. This trust was based on statements made in other meetings, phone calls, and conversations Saoirse had with Damian after it was discovered that Dolores had been admitted to Wexford General Hospital on 26 September 2010. He reiterated some of these statements in the meeting recounted here. She believed that Damian Brass had become an important ally in seeking justice for her Mom.

This would prove to be naive. The trust willingly bestowed on Damian Brass would be violated to an extreme degree. Because this page is published out of sequence with the progression of the narrative of Dolores' Last Year, at this time we won't offer much in the way of background or documentation underlying this violation of trust. We think it worthwhile however, to say this meeting is best viewed with the knowledge that Damian Brass, by his own admission, at the time of this meeting was (and still is) acting for Ethan, contrary to previous statements he had made to both Saoirse and her brother Nathaniel.

Saoirse may have been too trusting of Damian Brass at this time. Or perhaps not. Our thanks go out to Saoirse for providing the audio recording, transcript and notes of this meeting. We also thank our Webmaster and the Members who produced the following animation. It is a faithful account taken from the audio recording and transcript of this meeting.

Warning: Although a lot of um's, ah's, y'know's, etc. were taken out, this animation is still about an hour and a quarter long. It begins after the initial greetings and small talk were exchanged. Saoirse is addressing Nathaniel's absence from this meeting as it begins.



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