It is of the utmost importance that
a client can trust a solicitor acting
on his or her behalf to properly implement
his or her instructions. Members of the legal
profession are in a particular position of trust
and … all solicitors must honestly implement
instructions received and at all times
act in an appropriate manner.

-Justice Minister Alan Shatter on conviction of Heather Perrin


Would that it were so…

Judge Perrin Distict Court Judge Heather Perrin was charged, prosecuted and sentenced to two and a half years imprisonment for tricking an elderly couple out of €1 million.

As revealed in media accounts of the trial, Judge Perrin's actions eerily mirrors the behaviour that Dolores' abuser has been accused of in several ways.

Perrin wrote letters to his victim's solicitor, making demands that would in effect cover her crimes. She also attempted to use proxies to hide what was going on (like Ethan Maxwell used Lloyd Montgomery and Blaine Duffy, among others). And of course lying and trying to shift blame away from themselves is seen in both cases.

PerrinOn 13 July 2012, at 2:54pm, Judge Heather Perrin was arrested by detectives from the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation, at her home at Lambay Court, Malahide, Dublin. She was then taken to Clontarf Garda station and charged with two counts under Section Six of the Theft and Fraud Offences Act. She was charged with “intention of making a gain to another or cause a loss to another.”

Her victims were Thomas Davis and his wife Ada Davis, who were tricked into bequeathing half of their residual estates to Sybil and Adam Perrin, Judge Perrin's adult children on 22 January 2009.

This offense occurred while Heather Perrin was a practising solicitor and shortly before she was elevated to Disrict Court Judge on 12 February 2009.

This was not the first time this pillar of the community was arrested. On 27 February 2012, Judge Perrin was charged with False Accounting and Theft over a period of many years. We assume she successfully defended herself or that the case never went to trial. Extensive searches have revealed absolutely no information on the outcome of those charges. Curious.

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