Stuart Cummins, Ann Teresa Connolly, and Emelina Navale were struck off the nursing register. Stuart Cummins sexually abused an elderly woman on at least four separate occasions.

Ms Connolly failed to tell the victim's family what had happened. She also did not have the victim medically examined, nor did she alert the HSE or Gardai. She continued to allow Mr Cummings work at the home.

Ms Navale failed to "manage, monitor, supervise and or control" nursing staff under her supervision. Other staff raised concerns about Stuart Cummins and Ms Navale did nothing.

These three are not on the Nurses Register anymore. As far as can be determined, no prosecution has been initiated. Why? Why are these people not in prison?


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Update June 7, 2011:
The HSE successfully sought a court order to cancel the registration of the Rathgar nursing home. The HSE took control of the nursing home as of Friday, June 1 at 5pm. As far as we can determine, no prosecutions have been initiated.

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