James Murphy, sentenced to two years.January 13th, 2010
"Angels from Heaven", brothers Conor (42) and James “Jimmy” Murphy (46, pictured at left) were convicted of defrauding 71 year old Mary Ellen Walsh of €400,000 in crimes described as “mean” and “miserable.”
In a period spanning nearly a year, in 2006 and 2007, “Angel” Conor Murphy convinced Mrs. Walsh to write cheques to him worth €367,000. Brother “Angel” James Murphy received €23,900 in cheques. They also made 36 ATM cash withdrawals. Conor Murphy told Mrs. Walsh that he was having visions of her dead brother, and brought a “faith healer” to cure Mrs. Walsh's cancer. Conor Murphy claimed to Mrs. Walsh that he too had cancer.
Mrs. Walsh was left in financial ruin, relying only on her pension to survive.
What happened to Mrs. Walsh's money remains a mystery. The court heard that there was no money to pay Mrs. Walsh back as both criminals "were in receipt of invalidity allowances".

Mrs. Walsh passed away early in 2011.
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