Dolores: Hello?
Saoirse: Hey Mom, how are you?
Dolores: I'm fine, I'm fine…
Saoirse: Yeah?
D: A bit tired…
S: You sound it, yeah… ahhh
D: …not really. Um…
S: I know…
D: …I'd like to say that I'm fine, I'm very well looked after here. Oh, and, um, the centre, um, and whatever else I haven't any problem whatsoever.
S: I know…
S: So how come we can't get a hold of you?
D: That's because I'm often out, I don't hear the phone often, there's plenty of reasons. I mean I'm out a couple of days a week.
S: But that doesn't explain also when we were trying to see you for Christmas.
D: Ah, that was a mix-up in some way, I think.
S: So what kind of mix-up?
D: (Pause…) It's the kind of mix-up, um, where the, the phone wasn't working from elsewhere…
S: Yeah, but you had already scheduled to meet with Alex and everything…
D: Yes well, I wasn't able to make it, that's the position on that. I wasn't able to make it.
S: Mom, I'm worried about you…
D: No need whatsoever…
S: Mom, I am…
D: There isn't any need whatsoever to worry about me…
S: But I am, and I can't seem to be able to get to see you, and I want to see you, and the rest of us want to see you.
D: Well, it's not really the weather much, is it?
S: No, no
D: It's not much of it, and I mean, I'm definitely, I go to bed early at night, there isn't any doubt about that,
S: Well I understand that, but I mean, we, we, just want to see you and spend time with you, but every time anyone tries to do it we can't seem to be able to do it.
D: Oh well, spring coming… (Pause) I'll say it like that. Well, I, I, really lead a very quiet life, I, I, don't really invite anyone or anything, because I'm, I'm, basically thankful I can do what I do at the same time.
S: Yeah but mom, you're shutting out all the rest of your children…and I don't think you're doing that on purpose.
D: (Pause) Well, um, I suppose up 'til now we, there were an awful lot of things to be done here that wouldn't meet the eye really, it's just, you know…
S: But Mom, you have, like, nine other children that would be absolutely delighted…
D: Um, (unintelligible) several responsibilities here
S: Yeah, but don't you think we'd want to see you and spend time with you? Everybody can, I mean we all juggle, we all know how to juggle, we have no problem with juggling.
S: I mean to spend time with you, any of us would walk through hoops, and to be honest with you, we are walking through hoops, and we're still not getting to see you.
D: Well, um, when this month's over, it will, it, the weather will be better and it will be easier…
S: I don't, I don't buy it, mom.
D: I mean some of you are miles away…
S: Yeah we are, but I mean, look how we can get together and stuff, I mean, we were all waiting to see you…
D: I didn't know that, so
S: I know, but, I mean, you knew that Alex was waiting at least, with [names redacted; Alex's family members ]…
D: Yeah but's that's all, I didn't know otherwise, I didn't know otherwise…
S: I mean, I, personally, I just think you were kept away from us.
D: I, I dou…, I doubt it.
S: I, I do think that.
D: Think so?
S: I do, mom.
D: It was the fact that somebody arrived on, at the doorstep or something, I wasn't, I wasn't kept away.
S: Nobody arrived on any doorstep…
D: It was being set up kind of thing…
S: Who, who, on whose doorstep?
D: Ah well, I would be like, ah… (Long pause)…Duane would have been collecting me.
S: Yeah, but he was picking you up at the Ramada…
D: So help me, I don't know what happened with that, that it got changed with the Ramada.
S: Well, it didn't, didn't change on Duane's side or on Alex's side…
D: (Pause) I think it changed or something, I don't know.
M: I mean, I mean, you, you, were planning on getting over there, I mean that was only a short distance away…

D: Yeah, that sounds right, yeah, yeah, (unintelligible)
S: So who, who changed it?
D: (Pause) It was a mix-up of some sort, I figure.
S: It seemed pretty clear to me…
D: (Long pause) I don't really, when I go out and about, (unintelligible) this, Ronan goes with me, I wouldn't really go out very much, you know?
S: Yeah, but you're up and down to Dublin a lot…
D: Yeah, but I'm not, I'm collected and everything, I don't, I haven't been around Dublin on my own for quite awhile…
S: Yes, but don't you think the rest of your children would do the same thing, they'd pick you up, they'd drop you off?
D: I suppose, yeah, yeah.(In a sad voice)
S: We miss you, mom…
S: And I know you're missing us…
D: Well, well, it's, it's sort of survival kind of thing…
S: I know it's survival.
D: It's survival, really…

[Editor's note: The audio of this segment follows. ]

S: I know…
D: Well, the next time we're in Dublin you can arrange, (Pause) I'll meet, OK?
S: Well, I, I, can arrange it down there too, it doesn't have to be in Dublin, I mean, you're closer than you think…
D: (unintelligible)
S: No you're not, you're not that, it's just a matter of planning it, and I'd be happy to. I mean I want to see you, see how you're, I mean I still have your Christmas present here. And I think the same thing with Alex and those…
D: Yeah…
S: I mean seriously, we all did, we were all really looking forward to seeing you…
D: I'm sorry, but em, (the church and the wind?) he told me this…
S: I know, but I don't think that was your doing, mom…
D: Ah well, there was eh, a bit of an upset before Christmas, now it, eh, it just didn't work out exactly the way we had planned.
S: What was the upset before Christmas?
D: (Pause) Oh, it, it was just business things, that's all, nothing else.
S: But, what kind of business upset?
D: (Pause) Well I can't say that because it's not my business, as such
S: But what does that have to do with us trying to get to see you?
D: Ah well, it might have to do with me, trying to be available at Christmas, but it doesn't have to do with you. My Christmas got a bit knocked. Well anyway, I took too much on at the start, with the cake and everything, I shouldn't have.
S: Yeah, you were probably, well that's, and you didn't send out your cards and everything, either…
D: I sent some…
S: YOU didn't send them…
D: I DID send them!
S: They didn't come from you…
D: My cards? They DID!
S: It wasn't your handwriting…
D: (unintelligible) proved it was. It was. Sometimes I can write, and sometimes I can not.
S: Ah, this was definitely not your handwriting, mom…
D: Yeah it was, Don't take it as wrong.

[Editor's note: Dolores and Saoirse are both correct about this. Dolores sent out some Christmas cards to her children. This was unbeknowst to Ethan. Some of Dolores' children received two cards. It is believed that these were sent by Ethan posing again as Dolores. These cards were not in Dolores' handwriting (as confirmed by her brother Dominic and her children), were in a very different "voice" than Dolores' usual Christmas cards, and had the usual spelling errors one would expect from something written by Ethan. The names of Dolores' children and their family members were even spelled incorrectly on some of these cards. There are several other points regarding these cards from “Dolores” that point to Ethan being the author.

The nature of the cards that Dolores did send were different from any previous Christmas. Because of all these points, it is believed that Ethan had by this time taken control of Dolores' finances, to the point that Dolores' did not have access to her money. It is believed that one of the reasons Ethan forged these cards was to try to hide this fact. ]

S: Yeah, yeah…
D: Because it's like, sometimes I can write OK, and other times I can not.
S: Yeah…
D: It's very, very, you know, but I mean I have the arthritis in my hands and all, em, so, it's definitely affected very badly.
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: And that's not telling lies or anything…
S: I know…
D: It's definitely affected it, like. At times I can't do veggies and things, and at other times, then it's alright. It's the kind of thing that comes and goes.
S: Well, do you need somebody in to help with the veggies and stuff like that?
D: No, I have, ah, eh, ah, I have, I have help (unintelligible) home help so much, I have.
S: That's good, yeah, yeah…
D: They don't like it (unintelligible) interfering, because it's very hard to get anything now in the present climate, and if you get it, like, you just be careful.
S: How do you mean, who's interfering?
D: Well I don't know, were you, did you do anything?
S: How do you mean, did I do anything?
D: (Pause) Well you didn't go to any [social] services or anything…
S: Well, maybe I might be considering that.
D: Well, I don't think there's any need. And I, worried me terribly, absolutely terribly, and I'd say certainly the worry isn't doing me any good.
S: And I understand that mom, but to be honest with you, I am very, very concerned about your health and safety.
D: OH! (unintelligible) me, Ronan's here.
S: Well I know Ronan's there, but I mean, when I came down to see you [on December 3 ], how you were quickly bundled in the car like that.
D: We, uh, that's, eh, Dub, I, eh, I , I had all that arranged in advance.
S: Mom…
D: That was arranged, and [name redacted; local taxi driver] to take me to the train and all, it was arranged.
S: Mom, you didn't say anything when I was there, you were talking about how we'd go up to Dublin on the Saturday.
D: It totally would (until?). I mean it, eh, Sa, Saturday would have been too late. I was going up, ah, ah, Sa, Sat, you, know ah, I didn't think about it, really, Saturday would have been too late. Um, ah, y'know, that was, eh, I was to go up that day and that was it, like.
S: Which was fine, but there was still also Sunday…
D: Yeah well, I, I, ah, I would have been in Dublin as well on Sunday as well, and back for Monday morning.
S: But I could have seen you up in Dublin…
D: I don't, I don't think so, really.
S: Why not?
D: Because I, I, I, would have been busy. (Pause) I don't think so, ah, like that was the point, it was prearranged, and all.
S: Yeah, but you definitely never mentioned it and…
D: (unintelligible) Saturday?
S: Right…
D: I mean I had my bags all packed, and I arranged for [name redacted; local taxi driver] to collect me and everything…
S: Well your bags were all packed after Ethan kept calling you…
D: No, they were not, they were packed before that…
S: Well, he certainly kept calling you, and it's…
D: …packed, I mean they were packed and ready, and I mean, that's no lie.
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: That is the truth like, they were packed ready to go. And ah…
S: Well, what about the time that, um, I know myself Sophie and Emily, were all planning to come down get together with you, and we seemed to have to go through Ethan to get to see you.
D: When was that?
S: That was a couple of weeks before I came down to see you in December.
(Long silence)
S: Mom, I'm, I…
D: Sure Sophie was down in the new year.
S: So, Sophie is being allowed down then, or given permission.
D: Sophie will be down in the new year.
S: Yeah…
D: Sophie will be down in the new year. Sophie will be down in the new year. Ethan was down (unintelligible). (unintelligible) Emily was down (unintelligible).
S: That was October, yeah, yeah…
D: I missed her second time around…
S: But I know Nathaniel's having a problem getting a hold of you, too.
D: Yeah, well, he didn't, yeah, because he didn't, Nathaniel came around in the middle of the painting, or something, last time around…
S: So, so, who's down with you this weekend, now?
D: (unintelligible) overnight, or one day, I don't know.
S: Not down there already?
(Long silence)
D: Ronan's here.
S: Yeah, yeah…
S: mmm… Have you seen Uncle Dom? [Referring to Dolores' brother Dominic. He passed away almost exactly a month after Dolores]
D: Well, your uncle Dom wouldn't travel this time of the year…
S: But, but, have you seen him, or been in touch with him or anything?
D: I have, yeah…
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: (unintelligible) him regularly, I am.

[Editor's note: It seems Dolores is under great pressure here through Ethan to say the right things and not go outside certain parameters set by Ethan. Her statements about seeing her brother are false. Dominic confirms later in the spring that he hasn't been able to see her in a long time, and that Dolores is virtually unreachable by phone. Dominic also related (when he finally did reach her by phone) that Dolores told him she had indeed seen Alex at Christmas, once again a sad example of her trying to make things appear normal. When Saoirse informed Dominic of Dolores' situation concerning Ethan, he replied in an email:

“I had suspicions that all might not be great down there but from what you say we are back to the situation as it was before they left [street name redacted; the family home in Dublin]. I cannot understand why she puts up with it. She was warned when they went down to Rosslare to keep him at a distance. I will have to be quite blunt with her when I see her.”

After much effort, Dominic was able to visit Dolores later in 2010. That will be addressed on later pages. ]

S: Oh, that's good, that's good…
D: Well, well, I, (Pause) I, won't hope to call, (Pause) I'd rather meet him maybe in town…
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: (unintelligible) you know, that's what, you know…
S: Or maybe you can, one of the trips up or something…
D: Ah, yeah, it's up to him…
S: Yeah…
D: (unintelligible) day or something…
S: Yeah, yeah…

[Editor's note: The conversation becomes much more lively and freer on Dolores' end at this point, with Saoirse and Dolores talking over each other at times, in a much more typical exchange between mother and daughter. Dolores is on “safe ground” and doesn't have to censor and consider what she is saying to Saoirse. This happens at a few points. When Saoirse returns the conversation to Ethan, visiting, or her concerns about Dolores' welfare, Dolores' conversation once again becomes constrained. Read on or skip to the next part of the conversation concerning visiting, etc.]

D: (unintelligible)
S: Oh, oh, I know… I've certainly heard some stories!
S: Well some woman I met, was talking to, told me how her bag, seriously, had been cut into!
D: That's right! One of the women down here in the charity shop had that done. They cut …
S: Oh, that's right! That's who I was…yeah, yeah
D: (unintelligible) went into another shop to buy something and she'd no purse!
S: Isn't that, oh that's incredible, she's lucky she wasn't hurt!
D: Well she was in the charity shop, and she said the only people in there were a couple of foreign nationals dressed in suits, that she observed…
S: Yeah, yeah
D: Other than that, she didn't notice anyone in the shop, but that she did observe.
S: Right…
D: Well if she was in Dublin, she would have been careful enough, but she probably wouldn't have expected it there.
S: Yeah, well, of course you wouldn't, yeah…
D: (unintelligible) expected.
S: Well, I'm, I'm surprised they thought there was even anything in the purse!
D: She had this (unintelligible) she…
S: Oh, yeah, yeah…
D: I wouldn't say she wouldn't, I 'd say she probably had.
S: Yeah I know, I know, there was a woman up in Dublin telling me about it, and like the bag ended up miles away. Like some other, you know, and they were already draining the credit cards and everything.
D: Oh yeah that's what, that's so awful, isn't it?
S: Oh, it was absolutely astounding.
D: There's warnings now at Abbey St., where the LUAS stops, about that.
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: And one woman one time said to me, she never, she didn't carry a handbag, she had a small bag she could pop in under her coat.
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: That was at the LUAS in Abbey St.
S: Yeah, you're almost better off I think, with you know, yeah…
D: (unintelligible)
S: By just putting it in your pocket where it's next to you and just, you know…
D: Yeah but the thing is, they're probably (unintelligible) her purse was taken they were in a car on (Trees?) Road, she was quite a big woman, no way (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: …and they pulled her along as she let go of the bag
S: Oh my God,
D: They pulled her along like, I mean she let go, but she was afraid.
S: Yeah, yeah
D: (unintelligible) you know, so many.
S: That's horrifying.
D: yeah, yeah…
S: Absolutely horrifying.
D: (unintelligible) I mean it was dark. She was going into her car and hadn't closed it or something.
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: (unintelligible) right outside her (unintelligible) door.
S: Oh my God…
D: You know, so that's what happened to (unintelligible)
S: Wow, wow…
D: (unintelligible)
S: That's pretty wild. Man…yeah I think it's happening all around…
D: I think it is, yeah.
S: No matter where you go…
(Short Pause)

S: So, so what'd you do for New Year's?
D: Nothing.
S: Yeah, yeah, we actually went over to Emily's and stuff.
D: Yeah, no I didn't do, that day is (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, yeah, we don't typically do much for it either.
D: (unintelligible)
S: I don't, it's not that safe out there anyway, well certainly lately, the weather, it's been really bad.
D: (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, well it's been really icy and frosty down this way lately.
D: Yeah, yeah, it's very bad, we have snow, now.
S: Do you? Yeah, yeah…
D: (unintelligible)
S: Wow…
D: : (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, we've had the combination, that and the…freezing rain, sleet, um, (laughter) once we got over the flooding part.
D: Oh, yeah we've had a mixture of everything.
S: Oh yeah, it's been like one week after the next, you know, it's flooding, it's storms, and then I think it was winds, we were getting really heavy duty winds.
D: We got a lot of (icky?) in the fields.
S: Yeah, exactly.
D: Yes the weather it has been much more severe than last year or the year before.
S: I know; yeah, yeah…
D: You know, because, ah, I mean I go up to Dublin still a fair bit at times.
S: Yeah, yeah.
D: Tired I go.
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: So I mean I do go, but it doesn't mean I go anywhere.
S: Yeah, yeah
D: Ah, they have a new (tree?) in (Arnott's?) it's nice and warm…
S: Yeah, a newer one, right?
D: Oh yeah, (unintelligible) prove handier.
S: Oh, you're kidding!
D: (unintelligible)
D: (unintelligible) there you go.
S: That figures…
D: …taller than the last one.
S: Is it, yeah? Well, maybe they're not getting as many commuters up and down.
D: I don't know, they might, I mean there are people down here, there's one woman I meet at times and she's been here three years, she's never been back to Dublin.
S: Really?
D: Yeah, never been back since, herself and her sister live here.
S: Wow…
D: … and one of the locals at the centre,
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: (unintelligible) a lot of them just wouldn't be going, you know?
S: Right, yeah…
D: It seems strange, like to us…
S: I know…
D: (unintelligible) that you know, but I suppose Dublin would be a strange place for a lot of them, you wouldn't want to let them loose in it! (Laughter)
S: It's certainly changed, anyway, there's no doubt about it.
D: (unintelligible) it's different.
S: It is, yeah, yeah.
  D: (unintelligible) a different world, after. Well if you leave the visiting till nearer Easter, the weather should improve…
S: And Easter's when, in April.
D: I haven't a clue, not a clue in the world, but…
S: That's like four months away, mom.
S: That's four months away.
D: As far as that?
S: Yeah.
D: Oh! Well sometime you're in Dublin give us a ring, and Ronan and myself will go off…
S: Well, I can ring you in Rosslare…
D: (pause) Oh, yeah.
S: I mean, that's, that's just as close.
S: Just as easy.
D: Oh, to ring me in Rosslare?
S: To ring you or even call you and set up a visit.
D: (Pause) Yeah well (pause) I'm just really not up to visitors at the moment.
S: For four months…
D: (Pause) No…
S: Well, you, you said Easter. So Easter's about four months away.
D: Approximately, yeah.
S: Yeah.
(Long pause)
S: That's, that's a…
D: Maybe February, the weather will be better by February.
S: Well, you don't even have to travel, I can do the traveling part.
D: (unintelligible)
S: I…
D: (unintelligible) we're going to meet you in Dublin…
S: Oh, I can meet you down there!
S: Then you don't have to go anywhere…
D: Ah, yeah, but I don't mind going to Dublin.
S: And I might'n mind going to Rosslare! (Laughter)
S: Or we could…
D: (unintelligible) for me (unintelligible) and I might be able to get out a little bit.
S: I know, I know…
D: (unintelligible)
S: But we are being prevented from seeing you, mom.
S: I mean mix-up or no mix-up, it doesn't explain all the other incidents that happened with trying to see you on Sunday.
S: I mean maybe there was something wrong with the phone, but it doesn't explain the weird letters and texts that people were getting from Ethan.
D: I suppose not.
S: Yeah.
D: (unintelligible)
S: I know.
D: Anyway, Sophie has taken him, ah, under her wing.
S: I don't think Sophie is, is, heavy handed enough.
D: I think she…
S: I don't think so. I think he is way beyond any of us.
D: I don't know… I think Sophie likes him, and there is sort of a relationship there…
S: Mom, people don't dislike him, it's nothing to do with that, it's the fact that we can't see you, we all want to see you.
D: (unintelligible)
S: This actually has nothing to do with him at all. It's just that he's preventing us from seeing you.
D: It's rather, that when he was here, no one would come.
S: No one can come because he won't let them.
D: In what way?
S: He is, either there's issues that start happening with the phone, or you disappear, or you're squirreled away to some other site, some other place, and we can't get there, I mean that's what keeps happening, that's the pattern, it's nothing to do with us not wanting to be there at the same time…it's that he takes you away physically, if he can't do it via the phone and things like that.
D: Well, well, we didn't know you were in the Royal Marine.
S: No, but you knew you were expected, that you were getting together with Alex and his family.
D: (unintelligible) I…
S: And [name redacted; Alex's young daughter] was looking forward to that.
S: But again, I, I think that was all out of your control, I don't think that was, was, you know I don't think you had any control in that.
D: Well, the weather sure has a bit…
S: The weather actually I think was pretty OK.
S: I mean we were all up in Dublin and I didn't see anything wrong with the weather, other than it was a bit on the cold side.
S: But other than that the weather was fine, the roads were fine…
S: In fact the roads coming into Dublin were a bit hectic, but you were already there, so you were safe enough at that point, because I know Nathaniel had a long drive.
D: Yeah.
S: As did we.
D: We were out on a drive, and it worked out quite severe. There's that too, like, you were only in (unintelligible)
S: Yeah.
S: Well I just know there were too many things that went on that just don't explain away everything. And don't make sense.
D: Yeah, I know.
S: I know, darling.
D: Well anyway, I'm looked after to my satisfaction. (Pause) I, I, I'm quite happy about it.
S: I, I don't believe it, mom.
D: (unintelligible)
S: I know, well I don't, I don't. I'm very concerned about your safety.
D: I wouldn't dream of it. I wouldn't dream of (feeling that?)
S: I am.
S: I mean I just want to talk to you and spend time with you, and I just can't get you.
D: Well…
S: And it doesn't explain away, yes I understand, that you wouldn't be there all the time, you have things you are doing, but it doesn't explain away why phones don't work and things like that.
D: Well now, I, I, wouldn't worry, they don't actually quite a bit now.
S: Well now, have you, um, called Eircom.
D: No.
S: Maybe you should.
D: It's funny, it's usually sort of rectified, it's a very bad connection here (unintelligible)
S: Yeah…
D: Wires stuck in the wall…
S: Well you could probably get someone from Eircom come in and make that right.
D: I'm, I'm (unintelligible) (put in?)
S: Well, I, I don't know but I mean, maybe you just need a professional to put it in.
D: Well that's who put in at the start.
S: I don't think there's anything wrong with the phone.
D: Well I…, yeah.
S: I mean, because the phone in [street redacted; family home in Dublin] had a problem after some years, didn't it?
D: Well, this one here, I wouldn't have known (unintelligible) what was wrong here, I didn't (unintelligible) with our phone. In fact one of the men around, his phone was out for nearly a whole day (unintelligible) and come home and check mine, to see if it was likewise. Which it was, you know.
S: Well it was just strange when I was down there that time, and all the phones started ringing all of a sudden.
D: (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: (unintelligible)
S: I know…(Pause) But, so Ronan, I, he mentioned to you his thing with Switzerland fell through, huh?

[Editor's note: Read on or skip to the next part of the conversation concerning visiting, etc.]

D: (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, yeah…Well that's good he's around. He's he's definitely in good form.
D: He is.
S: Yeah, Yeah
D: (unintelligible) he's very good.
S: That's great.
D: I think he likes the snow a bit.
S: Well, makes sense, probably wishing he could go off skiing or something.
D: Yeah, yeah, yeah (ski?) (unintelligible)
S: Oh, it's pretty isn't it? It's definitely pretty. So you got to see [names redacted; Sophie's children], too, huh?
D: Ah, yeah!
S: Yeah, yeah.
D: (unintelligible)
S: They're all grown up now.
D: Oh yeah, (unintelligible)
S: Oh, he's very beautiful, yeah.
D: I didn't recognize (unintelligible) only I thought they looked like [name redacted; father of Sophie's children].
S: Right, yeah.
D: Otherwise I wouldn't have known who was driving.
S: Oh, he's like driving now? Oh my God.
S: Well, it makes sense, you know he's certainly of the age.
D: Madam is growing up too.
S: Yeah, yeah.
D: (unintelligible)
S: Well I think, I think Sophie said she's going to be sixteen, or…
D: (unintelligible) her birthday was recently.
S: And it's, [name redacted; Sophie's son] is December isn't it?
D: Yeah [names redacted; Emily's children], three of them about the same time.
S: That's ri…yeah yeah…
D: You know, all three of them are at the same time.
S: That's right. Oh I know, I mean, I even told Emily, you better just send me a note of whose is what and when, because,
D: (unintelligible)
S: Oh, who could remember, there's too many to remember.
D: (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, yeah.
D: (unintelligible)
S: I know… I've definitely had the same problem, like whose, I mean it's hard enough to remember everybody here.
D: Oh, yeah. (unintelligible) so many first cousins.
S: Oh, I know, yeah, yeah. And there's, ah, you would have loved [name redacted; Alex's daughter], she's getting all so grown up and everything.
D: (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: I mean, (unintelligible) she mixes well and everything, I suppose (unintelligible)
S: I think that's yeah, yeah.
D: (unintelligible)
S: Exactly, yeah.
D: (unintelligible)
S: Oh, she loves the swimming.
D: Yeah, oh yeah. You either like it or you don't.
S: Well, I think that's it, isn't it.
D: Yes.
S: Yeah, Yeah…
D: (unintelligible) don't (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, it's funny, [name redacted, Saoirse's daughter] likes to swim, but there's a lot of ice in the water now lately, anyway.
D: (unintelligible)
S: Was there, yeah…
D: (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: (unintelligible)
S: It was def…
  D: I'll meet you in Dublin.
S: Well why, why can't we meet in Rosslare?
D: I, I, for the moment Dublin.
S: But why, why not Rosslare?
D: (unintelligible)
S: Because it is, it's just as easy.
D: (unintelligible)
S: I mean I could even meet you in Wexford. I mean cause you guys can get the train pretty easily from there, can't you?
D: Yeah, but you know, I'd rather Dublin.
S: But… why Dublin?
D: (Pause) That's the way I want it.
S: K…
D: And I mean, it would just be Ronan and myself, like.
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: Just Ronan and myself, just by ourselves.
S: Well, we'll, we'll see what we can do anyway.
D: (unintelligible)
S: But I, you know, I'm not the only one who wants to see you, either.
D: Ah, sure, Nathaniel will be around sometime. He's not that far away.
S: Right. And I know Sean is hoping to try and see you, he was there.
D: (unintelligible)
S: He, he was there as well, and so was [name redacted; members of Sean's family].
D: (unintelligible) were supposed to get together.
S: Yeah, we were all sitting there waiting for you, mom.
D: (The whole?) get together…
S: But, the, the, hardest is Alex, 'cause I know he is really hurt.
D: He'll have to come over again… (unintelligible)
S: Yeah.
D: (unintelligible)
S: But, that's, that's between you and Alex, and…
D: (unintelligible) or…
S: And Ethan and Alex.
(Long silence)
S: But, um,
D: (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, we'll finagle something for sure.
D: Yeah (unintelligible)
S: Yeah.
D: (unintelligible)

[Editor's note: The previous exchange was the last section dealing with Dolores' safety, visiting, etc. ]

S: So are you down there for a few weeks again, or no…
D: I don't know.
S: Yeah…
D: (unintelligible) I might take it.
S: Yeah, yeah
D: And whenever I want a break or anything, I can take off.
S: Change of routine, that's good.
D: Yeah that's (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, yeah
D: (unintelligible)
S: Maybe you'll…
D: … in (Ron stand? Wrong stand?)
S: What's that?
D: No, no, there's nothing wrong with that.
S: No, no absolutely not! You should be able to go wherever you want, whenever you want.
D: (Laughter) (unintelligible) (Laughter) (unintelligible)
S: Well, except your man's right next door, the taxi guy, right?
D: Ah, yeah, I get close up to Dublin sometimes (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, yeah.
D: (unintelligible) a nice day.
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: (unintelligible) (for Alex?)
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: (unintelligible)
S: I know…
D: (unintelligible) as long as (unintelligible) as long as I get up and look after myself, etc. (unintelligible)
S: It's fantastic, yeah, no kidding. And your mind is as sharp as a tack, let me tell ya.
D: (unintelligible)
D: It is, it feels, it feels quite sharp, now.
S: Oh, it is!
D: Yeah
S: Oh, nothing (unintelligible) yeah, yeah
D: (unintelligible)
S: [redacted; concerning family friend]
D: (unintelligible) certainly one woman over where I go, she was a chaplain (unintelligible)
S: No kidding, yeah.
D: ahh…
S: That is sad…
D: It's very, very, sad.
S: Yeah, yeah
D: (unintelligible) had to see Doctor (unintelligible) or anything.
S: I know, yeah, yeah…
D: (unintelligible) and she's old enough (unintelligible)
S: [redacted; concerning family friend]
D: That's sad…
S: [redacted; concerning family friend]
D: [redacted; concerning family friend]
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: (unintelligible) [name redacted] had that at 90 something.
S: Did she?
D: Yeah, she did, and she was fine, I was talking to her a year before she died.
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: And she was fine…
S: Yeah
D: She was absolutely fine.
S: That's incredible, yeah, yeah…
D: And Mr. M had it as well.
S: Wow,
D: She had it now, sometimes (unintelligible)
S: Well, cause you remember Mrs. K, of course.
D: (unintelligible) that she was very bad.
S: She was, yeah…
D: (unintelligible)

S: Yeah
D: She definitely was.
S: Like I remember balancing was really hard.
D: And (unintelligible) father has it, so…
S: Really…
D: yeah (unintelligible)
S: Wow
D: (unintelligible) early on (unintelligible)
S: How's how's Auntie [name redacted] doing?
D: (unintelligible) not (unintelligible)
S: mmm…
D: (unintelligible) there's no (cars?) now (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, yeah…
D: (unintelligible) I felt the same as she felt.
S: Yeah, yeah
D: (unintelligible)
S: Ah, it's hard to get them out.
D: (unintelligible)
S: (Laughter)
D: (unintelligible) it is, if you're not feeling well.
S: Well, I mean, on top of whatever else you're trying to pull together, it's just, you know.
D: You need to do them very early, and I had no cards this year. I get them from the church, and they were late coming into it.
S: Were they… yeah, yeah
D: Normally they'd be there a lot earlier.
S: Right…
D: But they were actually late coming in, which doesn't help.
S: I know…
D: (unintelligible) you know I (unintelligible) myself, I don't know if I'll be doing these again.
S: (Laughter) (unintelligible) and everything, a card a week!
D: (unintelligible) I get a card from (unintelligible) cousins, and you don't know if they're alive or dead until you get the card.
S: Till you get the card (Laughter)
D: (unintelligible)
S: Oh my God…
D: It's come to that stage…
S: I know, I know
D: It goes down a bit, because there are so many of them gone.
S: Oh my God, wow.
D: But [name redacted] was going to [name redacted]
S: Was she?
D: Yeah, [name redacted] was going to [name redacted] after (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, yeah
D: And she (unintelligible) me, I suppose.
S: Wow, wow…
D: (unintelligible) you (unintelligible) her
S: Oh sure, yeah…
D: (unintelligible)
S: Yeah…
D: She has (unintelligible) her nerves, the arthritis is affecting her nerves, and that's even worse pain.
S: Oh, it does sound painful, yeah…
D: It is (unintelligible)
S: Oh, God, wow…
D: (unintelligible)
S: Wow
D: She still has her sister (unintelligible) over after Christmas.
S: Ah, that's nice…
D: And ah they knew they'd be expected, so…
S: Ah, that'll distract her, yeah yeah…
D: (unintelligible)
S: That's great, yeah…
D: (unintelligible) light on the horizon.
S: Well, that, there is, as they say the Ying and the Yang.
D: Yeah…
S: The dark and the light, all at once…
S: That's something.
D: So I better if (unintelligible) dinner.
S: Oh yeah, there you go, I'm supposed to start ours at some point, I guess.
D: (unintelligible)
S: You mind yourself mom, I love you.
D: I will, yeah.
S: I love you, I'm sending you a big hug…
D: OK, (unintelligible) yeah, yeah, OK.

[Editor's note: Dolores' call ends, and Ronan immediately takes the phone from her. ]

S: Who's that, Ronan?
Ronan: How're you doing?
S: Oh, not too bad, how are you, Ronan?
Ronan: I'm getting the flu.
S: Oh, you're kidding…
Ronan: Looks like it.
S: Ay Yi, Yi, green tea, quick!
Ronan: Peppermint tea.
S: Oh I hate peppermint tea!
Ronan: It's lovely tea, it's good for your digestion.
S: Oh, no, it actually makes me want to throw up, there's something about it, I don't know.
Ronan: (unintelligible)
S: No, I take green tea or any herbal, except for the mint.
Ronan: (unintelligible)
S: Oh my…
Ronan: (unintelligible) my tea.
S: You do, well, hey, I'd get a
Ronan: (unintelligible) (camelite?) tea as well.
S: Now that's good, yeah, yeah. Yeah I can hear it in, in your voice.
Ronan: (unintelligible)
S: that you're not your usual self.
Ronan: Yep.
S: (Laughter) Well, I think the weather, too, everyone's getting a bug.
Ronan: Well, ah, they shouldn't have left bugs out in the cold weather.
S: Well, you would think so…
Ronan: They multiply with the cold.
S: Well, I don't know, you would think so, everybody seems to, well it could be the late hours around Christmas, too, the immune system's not working as well as it should.
Ronan: (unintelligible) the dark
S: Oh did you, that's good. No, I've just had long days, seems like long days.
Ronan: (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, but hey, par for the course as they say…
Ronan: (unintelligible)
S: So have you been playing any good music, lately?
Ronan: Tangerine Dream
S: Very good.
Ronan: (unintelligible)
S: Very good.
Ronano: Encore and (unintelligible)
S: Oh, ok. I'm…
Ronan: You know the motion picture (unintelligible)
S: No, I've never seen it.
Ronan: Neither have I, that's from the '70's.
S: Oh is it? I'll have to check that out online. Who, who wrote the music?
Ronan: (Spencer Davis?)
S: Oh, for it, oh, OK
Ronan: (unintelligible)
S: That's something. So will you listen to that tonight, now, or will you have something else, on.
Ronan: Something else, I've already listened to that today.
S: Oh, have you
Ronan: yeh
S: Yeah, yeah
Ronan: This afternoon I listened to "Encore and Peace"
S: Yeah, yeah
Ronan: (unintelligible)
S: Ah, you should
Ronan: But I'll play (unintelligible) tonight.
S: Oh, nice. Maybe mom will come down one of these afternoons and have a listen.
Ronan: Yeh
S: That would be good for sure.
Ronan: (unintelligible)
S: So did you have a good New Year's?
Ronan: What's that?
S: Did you have a good New Years?
Ronan: Yeh
S: Yeah, yeah…
Ronan: (unintelligible)
S: Yeah, ours was really quiet, I barely made it to midnight.
Ronan: (unintelligible)
S: I was too tired.
Ronan: You got to see Emily.

[Editor's note: It appears from this that Dolores' conversation with Saoirse was being overheard by Ronan. It is believed Ethan was also present and monitoring Dolores' call. ]

S: I did, yeah, we went up there yesterday.
Ronan: yes?
S: Yeah, we had a fun time, went up for dinner and stuff.
Ronan: (unintelligible)
S: Catching up with all the kids, of which there are many to catch up with.
Ronan: (I bet?)
S: But no, it was a lot of fun, we always have a lot of fun when we go up.
Ronan: (unintelligible)
S: Do, do you ever go over to her?
Ronan: No, that's too far away.
S: Well, what if you got a bus or anything, no?
Ronan: (unintelligible) it's too far.
S: Is it? Yeah, yeah
Ronan: (unintelligible)
S: Well maybe one of, well she'll probably be down again, anyway, won't she.
Ronan: yeh
S: Yeah, that would be good, cause it's a lot of fun
Ronan: (unintelligible) It's a whole day traveling to go one way.
S: That would make sense, yeah. Cause you kinda have to head up a bit, and then over.
Ronan: yeh
S: Yeah, no, I mean, we're lucky 'cause it's just about the hour and a half. So it's…
Ronan: (unintelligible) about six hours from Rosslare
S: Yeah, no, I'd say it is, yeah.

(Followed by another 5:03 of similar chat)