Ethan wakes up Cecil
We are deeply indebted to Anonymous for these self-portraits of Dolores' husband Cecil. They were taken February 1, 2005. We are as yet unsure of the context. These photographs precede Ethan's blatant attempt to take control of Cecil's brother's life and assets later that year, and so would appear to be unrelated.

Where did Cecil's black eye come from? Why did he take these self portraits? Why did he feel the need to document this injury? We do know that a scant six months after Cecil took these images, Dolores and Cecil would be forced by Ethan to transfer hundreds of thousands of Euros to him after they sold the family house in south Dublin. Perhaps he learned of the steps taken to procure a Barring Order against him; maybe he learned of his parents plans to sell the house and relocate before he returned from Spain?

Cecil Maxwell's black eye of February 2005 Self portrait, Cecil Maxwell black eye February 2005


This was not an isolated incident; we give a small excerpt of yet another witness statement describing evidence of yet another violent attack long, long before 2005. The witness reports this incident happened when the witness was a young child:

“ incident which stands out was a night when Ethan and my grandfather were arguing about Ethan wanting money, which led to Ethan pushing and kicking my grandfather. My grandad then went to leave the house and go to the guards as Ethan took the phones. Ethan followed him out and a few minutes passed. When they returned my grandfather was limping and bleeding from the nose. The next morning he also had a black eye. My grandfather was so afraid of him and people know he offered me money to be quiet.”


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