Tues Jan. 5: I received a registered letter which [my husband] signed for. It was from Jaggers and Brass Solicitors, a Damian Brass who was advising me that mom had completed an Enduring Power of Attorney appointing a non family member to act as her attorney in the event she became incapable. (See copy attached). In talking with my mother shortly thereafter, I understand all my siblings received this letter (Nathaniel, Ronan, Sean, Alex, Emily, Sophie and Ethan). Mom stated it was something she and dad had meant to do years ago and that it was really sort of a formality just in case. I advised her, as I have many times, that I, and I believed other family members did not believe she was in anyway of unsound mind. However, I did tell her I believed she was being physically and emotionally forced to do things against her will. I believe this letter was prompted by Ethan as his way of proving he had and has no way of knowing my mother's financial situation. I don't believe this at all.

My mom's tone of voice was much, much freer than it has been in several months and I believe she was alone in Rosslare and that Ronan was in his home and Ethan in Bray.

I emailed Alex re: this conversation with Mom:

“hi All

Just spoke with mom on mobile after being unable to reach her via phone.
She was a little protected but it appears Ethan is not down there at present. We talked for some time. Anyway, she says she sent the letters to each of us. I asked why now etc., she said she should have done it about 20 years ago and she and dad should have. I questioned why now after the latest going ons but she didn't seem to connect them or want to. She sees it as a form kind of thing and I do believe that's her intention. I believe they are motivated by Ethan and I think he's hoping we see them as a threat to us and back off. I've not said anything about mom being incompetent but am worried about her physically and also reminded her of that in my call to her. Anyway, am continuing this end and will update as things appear.

Oh, as an interesting aside, I was finishing my call with mom when I heard this cat giving a loud miaow. I asked her if she had a cat now, like us. It's her phone. Likely the home phone. Anyway she forgot to hang me up from her mobile and picked it up said hello etc. They obviously hung up and she putzed around a little. Then her cat phone went again. She said ‘oh I haven't hung up?’ She then hung me up. I still think she's trying to get our attention but has to be very, very careful how she does it.

Nathaniel yours appears to be enroute. Did you get one yet Alex? Or Sean?

Be back at ya.”