Jan. 3, 2010 and updated again Jan. 7, 2010

Outline of what transpired over Christmas and our attempts to see Mom.

Christmas EveAlex called me to state he'd spoken with Mom and arranged for her to be picked up by Duane Matthews, at Ethan's house around 1:30 pm on Sunday Dec. 27. Duane would then bring Mom down to the Royal Marine where we would all rendezvous. He said that around 10 mins later he received a call from Ethan, who was irate and warned him that no one was to stop by his house, that he'd call the gardai if they did. Alex then switched the meeting place to the Ramada just up the road at the same time to appease the situation. Alex and his family would meet with us and mom at the Royal Marine. He and mom spoke again and confirmed the pick up place to be the Ramada.

Alex asked me to call my contact with the Bray Gardai about the pick up. I called but the Officer on duty was not familiar with Elizabeth whom I'd spoken with a few times. She said there was more than one Elizabeth in the station. The Officer on duty advised if we alerted them when we were picking Mom up they'd assist.

A meeting time of 2 pm for the hotel on Sunday was confirmed and Sean and Nathaniel were given the time and place. We never heard back from Sean but Nathaniel confirmed he'd be there. We decided to go ahead with whoever could make it. I told them not to tell Sophie as I was pretty sure she'd let Ethan know and he would then prevent the meeting from taking place.

We drove up on Saturday December 26, from Galway, and stayed overnight in D4 hotel. On Sunday Alex and I chatted and he told me Duane's parents had received a letter left in their post box overnight, advising that no one from the Maxwell family, or any representatives were permitted to be on his property. If they did so he'd be calling the guards. The letter was addressed to Alex in the care of Duane at his parent's house on [name redacted] Road. Copies are being sent by Alex's wife to us all.

Sunday, Dec. 27, 2009: Duane's wife called at 1:45 pm to note that Duane had called her and advised Mom hadn't arrived for pick up. I chose not to call the Bray Gardai at the time as by this time we noted Mom wasn't coming to be picked up by Duane, she, Ethan and Ronan were in a car driving to Johnny Foxes. We later learned they lunched at Avoca so we'd have all been stood up again.

Duane's wife gave me Duane's mobile number and I told her I'd text him for news etc. I texted Duane to ask him to please text my mom to see what was happening. (Mom wasn't aware myself, Nathaniel and Sean would be there too and I wanted to keep it that way as if Ethan found out he'd stop the meeting). He called mom's mobile. Ronan answered her mobile and advised they were heading to Johnny Fox's pub for 3 pm. No reason why etc. was given. Duane gave me the update and I told him to let it go and go about his business. Alex's wife called me and advised her what had happened. We all agreed to still meet in Dun Laoghaire to regroup.

Duane and his family stopped by later. Duane advised that Ethan called and there was laughing and goading in the background about how Ethan had prevented the meeting. Duane also received a text from Ethan, also highlighting that Ethan had bettered Duane and us all and that Duane was just a “puppet.” I believe Sean also received a missed call from Mom's mobile at this point. He returned the call and Ronan answered. Ethan was in the background noting info re: the will of the father of Sean's wife.

We all met and chatted for several hours. The others decided they'd had enough and were not going to pursue anything further. However, Alex and his wife did plan to file a complaint with the Bray Gardai about what took place. I advised I would still continue, that I believed Mom hadn't made the decision without coercion from Ethan. I debated dropping by Ethan's house with mom's Christmas present but decided against it as there were no services available to offer for Mom's support and I'd be better off waiting until Geoffrey Blair's return.

On the drive back to Galway I received a call from Sophie asking where I was. I advised I was on the way home. She hung up saying she was meeting someone for a drink and would call me back. Shortly thereafter (8:21 pm) I received a missed call from an unknown number, followed by a text from Ethan's mobile stating: “A decision has been made to report one of your brothers for child sexual abuse of me for a number of years during the 1980s. Unlike in your alleged case, there were several witnesses outside the family who live locally even to this day. You may wish to forward this message. Statements will be made over the coming hours/days.”
I ignored the message and we continued home.

Monday Dec. 28th: Sophie called me at 8:46 pm but couldn't talk to me immediately as “a friend had stopped by” but she needed to talk with me urgently. She called again 9:55 pm and she filled me in on what happened with Ethan and Mom not showing up. She'd spent Monday with Ethan, my mom and Ronan for lunch and later the pictures (films) with Ethan.

Wednesday Dec. 30: Nathaniel emails he has spoken with Ronan who says he doesn't know how Ethan prevented Mom from meeting up with Duane Matthews at the Ramada down the street from Ethan's.

Thursday, Dec. 31: I spoke with Ronan He stated something needed to be done, and that this was not the first time Ethan had done something like this and “a solicitor's letter” needed to be sent to Ethan. He added that Ethan was down in Rosslare and referred to him as “Nuisance.” He was not happy with the situation at all.

On Thursday Dec. 31 Nathaniel said he couldn't reach mom, that the landline rang and then went dead.

On Friday, New Year's day, I received a call on my mobile from a “no number”. Shortly thereafter mom appears to have called me. I also picked up a phone message from our home answering machine on Sunday, January 03, 2010 where mom had left a voice mail message to me on Friday as I was enroute to Emily's in Mayo.

Saturday Jan. 2: I received a call from Ronan saying Mom would be calling me shortly. After five minutes later Mom called. I believe Mom was being coerced and coached in the background somehow. Both Ronan and Mom say Ethan wasn't there but I believe he was based on their discomfort and the way both talked with me. There were many inconsistencies in Mom's chat with me. One was the phone problems. Another was the additional texts and warning letter in Duane's postbox. I believe this conversation is what prompted Sophie's text to me later that night and picked up by me on Sunday.

Sunday Jan. 3: Nathaniel advised me via email that he had spoken to Mom on Saturday via phone. Mom told him Ethan had prevented her from being picked up by Duane and brought to the Royal Marine to meet with Alex and the rest of us.

On Sunday morning I picked up a text message from Sophie stating she'd talked with Mom for several hours on (the previous) Monday. She says Mom opened up to her and both Mom and Sophie decided to put a plan in place with Ethan. “He has agreed to stop all mails, texts, and childish behaviour and wont be spending much time in rosslare. If he doesn't comply, myself and mom are going to talk to her doctor about getting him professional help. He is aware of all his behaviour as I pointed everything out. I didn't want to get involved but know im the only one they will listen too or open up too. Mom is very happy about this progress too. No prob at all getting in touch with her now.” Sophie also advised she had talked with Ethan.

(Sophie did not mention this conversation as noted in her call to me on Monday night. I believe this message was prompted by my Saturday call with Mom when I told Mom about Ethan's actions. Ethan is 35 years old. "Childish behaviour" is not what I would call any of his actions.)

Sean also advised me via email on Sunday that the confidential information Ethan seemed to have was the fact Sean had not been left anything in his father–in–law's will. The will was not public knowledge and how could Ethan have had that information in hand? While none of that bothered Sean, how did Ethan come across that nonpublic/private information that only his wife's family and Sean would have known? Also, since I am pressing for being able to see Mom, that I'm worried about her safety, why is he focusing on finances and this type of paperwork trail?

Monday, Jan. 4: I checked in with Alex re: his check in phone call with Mom on Sunday. The following is his response.

“Hi Saoirse,

Attached are Ethan's note dropped off at Duane's and an Xmas card that arrived upon our return to [country redacted]. Typically, I'm lucky if I get one card from mam, but this year I got two – the authentic one that came before Xmas and the forgery that came after! I know it's a forgery, because it's addressed to [a name that Dolores never used for Alex; in addition it was misspelled!] and [Alex's wife's name, also misspelled]. The very disturbing thing is that the stamp does not have a postmark and it has no reference to the [country redacted]. So how did it get here?

The call with mam did not go particularly well. While recognizing Ethan's tantrum prior to the meeting, which had caught her by surprise, she did not appear to recall the compromise meeting point of the Ramada at 1:30pm and concluded that it was all a sorry mix up. I pressed her a little on whether Ethan's outburst may have caused the memory loss! I repeatedly tried to probe on whether she considered the behaviour normal and asked how she would feel if her mother did not meet her after travelling such a distance, and doing such trips on an infrequent basis. All I got was that [Alex's wife's family] were also around and why couldn't I have rescheduled to meet up with her and Ronan. The mobile was ringing a lot of course, while I was on and she continuously turned her attention to it, which caused a lot of background beeping. I basically concluded the call with, she has my number if she ever needs to reach me.

Take care.


  Tues Jan. 5: I received a registered letter which [my husband] signed for. It was from Jaggers and Brass Solicitors, a Damian Brass who was advising me that mom had completed an Enduring Power of Attorney appointing a non family member to act as her attorney in the event she became incapable. (See copy attached). In talking with my mother shortly thereafter, I understand all my siblings received this letter (Nathaniel, Ronan, Sean, Alex, Emily, Sophie and Ethan). Mom stated it was something she and dad had meant to do years ago and that it was really sort of a formality just in case. I advised her, as I have many times, that I, and I believed other family members did not believe she was in anyway of unsound mind. However, I did tell her I believed she was being physically and emotionally forced to do things against her will. I believe this letter was prompted by Ethan as his way of proving he had and has no way of knowing my mother's financial situation. I don't believe this at all.

My mom's tone of voice was much, much freer than it has been in several months and I believe she was alone in Rosslare and that Ronan was in his home and Ethan in Bray.

I emailed Alex re: this conversation with Mom:

“hi All

Just spoke with mom on mobile after being unable to reach her via phone.
She was a little protected but it appears Ethan is not down there at present. We talked for some time. Anyway, she says she sent the letters to each of us. I asked why now etc., she said she should have done it about 20 years ago and she and dad should have. I questioned why now after the latest going ons but she didn't seem to connect them or want to. She sees it as a form kind of thing and I do believe that's her intention. I believe they are motivated by Ethan and I think he's hoping we see them as a threat to us and back off. I've not said anything about mom being incompetent but am worried about her physically and also reminded her of that in my call to her. Anyway, am continuing this end and will update as things appear.

Oh, as an interesting aside, I was finishing my call with mom when I heard this cat giving a loud miaow. I asked her if she had a cat now, like us. It's her phone. Likely the home phone. Anyway she forgot to hang me up from her mobile and picked it up said hello etc. They obviously hung up and she putzed around a little. Then her cat phone went again. She said ‘oh I haven't hung up?’ She then hung me up. I still think she's trying to get our attention but has to be very, very careful how she does it.

Nathaniel yours appears to be enroute. Did you get one yet Alex? Or Sean?

Be back at ya.”

I plan to respond to Mr. Brass and advise him of my concerns about my mother's physical and emotional safety. I still believe this letter to me and others was pushed by Ethan.

Today, Thursday Jan. 7: I've texted Sophie to follow through on her words that Ethan could provide documentation that he has no access to Mom's personal finances. Just to see if this is something he can do or in fact already has via the registered letter from Jaggers and Brass. Sophie has texted me that mom now has three new phones, (none of which I've numbers for, nor do I believe other siblings have) and that she, Sophie has it all sorted out with Ethan and Mom. She states she's been talking to mom daily and this is upsetting her and she's not getting sleep. Sophie states any wrong move by Ethan and she and my mother will take it further. She says I now need to check with Mom. I believe the ranks have closed here. And I don't believe my mom is safe even based on the receipt of the solicitor's letter. She continues to be bullied by Ethan and his actions, and I am still worried about her personal safety. These are patterns that have been repeated in the past. And, none of it addresses us needing to see and meet with my mother that appears to have disappeared off the table.

Saoirse Maxwell